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Concert in the museum 名 Mozart's famous songs and stories to enjoy in parent and child

日本郵船歴史博物館 Date: 2010.08.10
25 days to hold

「Special program for summer vacation "A music concert for children to be enjoyed from 0 years old in museum" Music play "I, Mozart-kun"」

Nippon Yusen History Museum will hold an annual summer break special concert where children can experience full-scale live music. There is also an instrumental performance experience and a conductor experience. We look forward to your participation.

On the day, all children will receive a gift to know the world of the ship!

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Special program for summer vacation "concert for children from 0 years old in museum"
Music play "I, Mozart"
[Date and time] August 10 (Saturday) <1st Stage> 14:00 to 14: 40 / <2nd Stage> 15: 20 to 16: 00
※ The two stages are the same item.
[Venue] Nippon Yusen History Museum Orientation Room
[Appearance / Program]
[Aya Nakano (soprano), Tomomi Isobe (flute), Yoko Takai (clarinet), Maiko Yamanaka (piano)]
"I was in love and happy" from the Turkish march, Aine Kline Naat Musik, the glittering star variation, and the opera "Fall from the Back Palace", etc. (All songs composed by WA Mozart)
[Charge] Admission fee only (general ¥ 400, senior high school / senior <65 years old or older> ¥ 250, elementary school children or less free, people with disabilities handbook and certificate of specific medical treatment beneficiary are free <including carers 1First name / no reservation required)
[TEL] 045-211-1923 (Nippon Yusen History Museum)
※ The performances are by members of the Yokohama Citizens' Hall Concert, which is active with "live music for the citizens".
※ It is a concert for children. Please join with your child.
※ The conductor experience is not all. The program is subject to change.
* The official site of Nippon Yusen History Museum is here !

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