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The "Red Room" that appears like a vision in Yokohama finally reaches its final round in June!

YCC ヨコハマ創造都市センター Holding period: 2010.06.22-2019.06.29
12 days to hold

「RED ROOM “Bon Voyage!”」

(TOP image) Photo: Mito Murakami

The space that is dyed red is artwork of light × space by Ryota Kashihashi and Ayako Kawaguchi. The performance centered on the two drag queens of the Francois Aldente and the Chanja Semolina, with artists active in the dance and music scene, will be the largest event ever. Don't miss the last chapter of "RED ROOM", which has been held four times in the past.

Francois Aldente Photo: Mito Murakami

Changja Semolina Photo: Hajime Kato "alt =" "width =" 333 "height =" 500 "/>
Past events Photo: Hajime Kato

Photo: Hajime Kato

RED ROOM “Bon Voyage!”
[Date] June 28 (Fri), 29 (Saturday) 19: 00-23: 00 each day
[Venue] YCC Yokohama Creative City Center 1F
[Cast] François al dente, Chanja Semolina, Keigo Enomoto, Konos Natch Zbobskaya (Noriko Sunayama), LaLa (Toru Yamanaka), rain at the exit, etc.
[Price] (1 drink included) Advance ¥ 3,000, ¥ 3,500 on the day
[TEL] 045-307-5305 (YCC Yokohama creation city center)
* The official site of YCC Yokohama Creative City Center is here !

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