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Junji Fujita and Paris, Yokohama Ukiyo-e, German modernism ... Trace 160 years of east-west exchange

Yokohama Museum of Art Period: 2019.09.21 ~ 2020.01.13
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「Yokohama Museum of Art 30th Anniversary / Yokohama Port 160th Anniversary Yokohama Museum Collection Exhibition "Aspects of 160 Years of East-West Exchange"」

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Utagawa (Gunkei) Sadahide 《Yokohama's Blurred House Chart》
1861 (Fumihisamoto) Year Three-colored large woodblock print
Collection of Yokohama Museum of Art (donated by Ryu Saito)

Many of the exhibitions with the theme of opening the port have focused on the acceptance and development of Western-style expressions at the end of the Edo period and the Meiji period, or the activities of painters, printmakers and photographers who came to Japan during this period. Here are some topics about what kind of cross-cultural reverberations have been realized in the long period of time, from the opening period to the end of World War II, without limiting the time.

Cut off his expression in Paris after the First World War, almost the same time as the exhibition of the exhibition “Twelve Painters in Love with Renoir and Paris” Shinji Fujita and Kiyoshi Hasegawa who developed. Around the same time, Yonosuke Natori absorbed the new German design theory centered on Bauhaus and published the NIPPON advertising magazine using the results. Footprints left by Nikkei and Japanese artists in American society with multi-ethnic coexistence and friction. After World War II, when both the means of transportation and the information media were accelerated at a stretch, the spillover spread while sharing the awareness of the problem rather than a unilateral influence, like the French “Unformel” and the “concrete” of Japan. Trends will appear.

There is also a corner where you can see the work of Paul Jaclay who lived in Japan as a painter in the tradition of Ukiyo-e, and Hiroshi Yoshida who strategically launched the latest Japanese prints overseas, with the keyword “woodcuts”. It was. Between these various topics, we will incorporate special exhibits from the opening period such as “Yokohama Ukiyo-e” and “Meiji Photography”, which include many new collections.

《Exhibition composition》
Preface `` Pacific-Shutter Blue ''
Chapter 1 Shinji Fujita and Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Chapter 2 German Modernism and Japan
Chapter 3 Multiethnic American"Nikkei"
Chapter 4 Kenzo Okada's Eugenism
Chapter 5 Unformel and Concrete
Chapter 6 Neodada
Chapter 7 Yokohama Ukiyo-e and Export Crafts
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Woodcut Japan
Chapter 10 Meiji Photography and the Landscape of Japan

30th Anniversary of the Yokohama Museum of Art / 160th Anniversary of Yokohama Port
Yokohama Museum of Art Collection Exhibition
"Aspects of East-West Exchange 160 Years"
[Date / time] September 21 (Sat)-January 13, 2020 (Mon / holiday) 10: 00-18: 00
* Friday and Saturday during the exhibition period until 20:00 (Last admission 30 minutes before closing / However, September 27 (Friday), 28 (Saturday), January 2020 (Friday) and 11th ( (Sat) · 12th (Sunday) until 21:00)
[Venue] Yokohama Museum of Art
[Closed] Thursday (open on December 26), December 28 (Sat)-January 2, 2020 (Thu)
[Price] General ¥ 500 (¥ 400), university / high school student ¥ 300 (¥ 240), junior high school student ¥ 100 (¥ 80), free for elementary school students and younger
* () Is a group fee for over 20 payers (advance reservation required)
* Every Saturday, free for high school students and younger (please present student handbook and student ID card).
* Free admission on Sunday, November 3, 2019.
* Free for persons with disabilities and nursing care (1 person).
* Free of charge for those aged 65 and over living in Yokohama City on the 3rd Monday of each month (please present your Tomo Card).
* Only on the day of viewing the special exhibition, you can view the collection exhibition with the special exhibition ticket.
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