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美術・写真 講座・ワークショップ


茅ヶ崎市美術館 開催期間:2019.12.14〜2020.02.02

「城田圭介 -写真はもとより PAINT, SEEING PHOTOS- アーティストトーク」


(TOP画像)《Background #22》 2013年 写真に油彩


茅ヶ崎市美術館では、企画展「城田圭介 -写真はもとより PAINT, SEEING PHOTOS-」〈12月14日(土)〜2020年2月11日(火・祝)〉の開催に連携し、アーティスト城田圭介が来館しアーティストトークを開催。城田氏が自身の作品を解説します。


城田圭介 -写真はもとより PAINT, SEEING PHOTOS-
[会場]茅ヶ崎市美術館 展示室




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      1-4-45, East Coast North, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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      (Summer: April-October) 10: 00-18: 00, (Winter: November-March) 10: 00-17: 00 * Admission until 30 minutes before closing. [Closed] Mondays (closed the next day if a national holiday, the next two days are closed), the day following a national holiday (the first weekday after that if the next day is a holiday), New Year's holiday (12 / 28-1 / 3), temporary closed days (Days when maintenance and inspections and display changes are performed)
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      There is a parking lot for exclusive use of the museum on the place facing Takasago Street. Please use public transportation because the number of cars (10 cars, large cars are not allowed) is small. If it is full, please use the nearby paid parking lot. Please use the municipal parking lot on the north side of JR Chigasaki Station for large vehicles (over 6m in length). If you come by bicycle or motorcycle, please use the bicycle parking space in the museum parking lot.


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