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A rare performance where Goza, who inherits the Sagami puppet show, meets once a year

神奈川県立青少年センター Date: 2020.02.11
24 days to go

「The 47th Sagami Doll Play Competition」

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Sagami puppet show is one of the puppet theaters that have been handed down to Sagami since the Edo period, and is a traditional performing art that was originally raised in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is called a `` three-man puppeteer '', in which three people, the main doll, left-handed person, and pedestrian, operate in tandem with each other, and a `` gun gun '' that looks like holding a gun when operating a doll's Casilla It features a unique operation method. Organizations that inherit the Sagami puppet show are designated by the prefecture as important intangible cultural properties: Shimonakaza (Odawara City), Haseza (Atsugi City), and Hayashiza (Atsugi City). There are five groups: Maetori-za (Hiratsuka-shi) and Ashigara (Minami-Ashigara) These five groups will meet together and perform. Take this opportunity to enjoy the charms of traditional performing arts.

1. "Eki Taiko Koki Amagasaki no Dan" Sagami Puppet Theater Maezoriza (Hiratsuka City)
2. "Shinjo Awa no Naruto Jurobei dwelling house (first half)" Sagami doll play Ashigara (Minami Ashigara City)
3. "Shinjo Awa no Naruto Jurobei Dwelling House (second half)" Sagami puppet show Haseza (Atsugi City)
4. “Tsubosaka Kannon Reikkiki Dan in Sawa City” Sagami Puppet Theater Rinza (Atsugi City)
5. "Gara's predecessor Hagi Masaoka Tadayoshi no Dan" Sagami puppet show Shimonakaza (Odawara City)

The 47th Sagami Doll Play Competition
[Date] February 11, 2020 (Tuesday / holiday) 12: 30- (12:00 opening / 16:35 closing schedule)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Hall
[Capacity] 750 people
[Fee] Free (advance application required)
[How to apply]Please fill in the following necessary information on one round-trip postcard and send it to the application destination. Up to two people can apply at the same time with one postcard. In the case of a large number of applications, it will be a lottery. Replies are scheduled for late January. The return postcard reply will be used as an admission ticket (reserved seat), so please bring it to the venue on the day.
● Postal code
● Address
● Name
● Phone number
● Number of participants (up to 2 people)
● Participant name
● Please write the reply address (reply side) and apply for a round-trip postcard.
[Address] ¥ 250-8555 300 Ogikubo, Odawara City Odawara City Cultural Properties Division
[Application deadline] Postmark valid from Friday, November 15, 2019 to Wednesday, January 15, 2020 (many lottery)
[Organizer] Sagami Puppet Show Association Secretariat (Odawara City Cultural Properties Division)
[Inquiries] 0465 -33-1717 <Sagami Puppet Show Association Secretariat (Odawara City Cultural Properties Division)>

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