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Perfume bottles from the Pola Museum of Art, along with works by artists

POLA MUSEUM OF ART Period: 2019.12.15-2020.04.05
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「Exhibition "Surrealism and Painting" Related Exhibition Perfume bottles of mode and art-Poiret, Scaparelli, Dior」

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(TOP image) Scaparelli "Shocking" Baccarat 1937 Collection of Pola Museum of Art

In France, haute couture maisons began selling perfume, starting with the perfume brand `` Rosine perfume '' founded by fashion designer Paul Poiret in 1908, and in the 1920s a fragrance was created to create a world view for each maison. It now plays an important role. Many maisons devised not only the scent, but also the shape of the bottles, and contemporary artists such as Rene Lalique and Surrealists are also involved in the modeling.

This exhibition presents works created by artists from the perfume bottles representing the maison's world view, which are stored at the Pola Museum of Art. Starting with Poiret, who collaborated on textile design with Raul Duffy, he became friends with Dali and other surrealists, and introduced Elsa Scaparelli, which incorporates their avant-garde expression, and bottle design as standard Perfume bottles such as Christian Dior, which have continued from the time to the present, will be exhibited. We will find a connection between perfume bottles and art that have developed as a new medium of expression for fashion.

《Exhibition composition》
Chapter 1 The Beginning and Development of Perfumes with Haute Couture Maisons
Until the late 19th century, perfumes were sold by specialized perfume houses. However, in the 20th century, haute couture maisons began to perfume as a way of expressing their worldview. This chapter highlights the beginning and development of the history of perfume with haute couture maisons, which still attracts people today. We will also introduce Dufy's work, which was deeply involved with fashion through Poiret.

Chapter 2 Perfume Maison Strategies in the 20th Century
Perfume, which had been an enjoyment of the upper class until the 19th century, has become widespread due to its reduced price and abundant variety of fragrances developed by synthetic fragrances developed at the end of the 19th century. In addition, bottles are generally made of glass instead of ceramics, and elaborate bottles have been produced. In this chapterWill display the well-established perfume maisons such as Guerlain and the perfume bottles of emerging cosmetics manufacturers such as Koti that appeared in the 20th century, and introduce the strategy of perfume maisons intended to reach more people.

Chapter 3 Mode meets Surrealism
The expression of Surrealism, which began with literature, will eventually be incorporated into the world of fashion. Among them, fashion designer Elsa Scaparelli drew attention in collaboration with Salvador Dali and Leonor Fini and other surrealists in fashion and perfume bottle design. In this chapter, we look at the world view of Scaparelli, the designer closest to Surrealism, from perfume bottles and product catalogs.

Chapter 4 Perfume bottles that continue from the postwar period to the present
After the Second World War, it was Christian Dior's gorgeous collection that brought momentum and brilliance to Paris' fashion scene. Perfume by Dior who loved flowers has been sold in perfume bottles of almost the same shape from the time of its announcement to the present. This chapter introduces post-war perfume bottles, such as Dior, and introduces perfume bottles that were announced in the 20th century and are still familiar in modern times.

Exhibition "Surrealism and Painting"
Perfume bottles of mode and art-Poiret, Scaparelli, Dior
[Date] December 15 (Sun)-April 5, 2020 (Sun) 9: 00-17: 00 (Last entry 16:30)
* Open all day during the exhibition.
[Venue] Pola Museum of Art Exhibition Room 4
[Price] Adults ¥ 1,800, Senior discount (65 years old and over) ¥ 1,600, University and high school students ¥ 1,300, Junior high school students and under free
[Organizer] Pola Art Foundation Pola Museum of Art
[Inquiry] 0460-84-2111


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