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[Postponement] The timbre of the time played by the period instrument player

Kanagawa Prefectural Lake Sagami-ko Community Center 

「~In honor of Chopin~ Naruhiko Kawaguchi Fortepiano Recital」

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*The event scheduled at the Sagamiko Exchange Center, "Praise Chopin-Naruhiko Kawaguchi Fortepiano Recital," has been postponed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please check here for details.

Pianos that we often see, such as the Bosendorfer, which our school and our hall are proud of. Did you know that there is a piano called "Fortepiano" among such pianos?

In this performance, a very valuable piano called the Forte piano made in the 18th and 19th centuries will come to the hall, which is famous for its good sound.

Performed by Shigehiko Kawaguchi, who won the second prize at the 1st Chopin International Period Musical Instrument Competition in 2018.

We will use Chopin's favorite Piano Playel (made in 1843) to deliver the sounds of Chopin and his disciples at the time of composition.

[Postponement] The timbre of the time played by the period instrument player

~Praise Chopin~
Naruhiko Kawaguchi Forte Piano Recital
[Date and time] Saturday, April 25, 14:00 start (13:30 open)
[Venue] Sagami Lake Exchange Center Multipurpose Hall
[Cast] Naruhiko Kawaguchi (piano)
Chopin-List: My dear one
Schumann: Chopin in A major (from "Carnival" op.9)
Gutmann: Nocturne in A flat major op.8-1
Gutmann: Lyrical Nocturne in D major
Filchu: FunaokaKey
Filchu: Mazurka in E flat minor op.3-3
Grieg: In honor of Chopin, F minor, op.73-5
Mikuli: Mazurka in F minor op.4
Mikuli: Polonnaise in A flat major op.8-2
Telefsen: Waltz in D major, op.27
Tchaikovsky: A little Chopin style in C minor, op.72-15
Leshettikki: Praise for Chopin in A major (from suite "Youth Song")
Chopin: 24 preludes op.28
All seats are free General: ¥4,000/Senior/Friends' Association: ¥3,600/Students/Persons with disabilities: ¥2,000
[Tickets] For reservations and reservations, please contact at 042-682-6121 (Lake Sagami Exchange Center).
[Organizer] Kanagawa Prefectural Sagami Lake Exchange Center (Designated Manager Actio Co., Ltd.)
[Co-sponsored] Takagi Kravia Co., Ltd.
[Sponsor] Sagami Lake Tourism Association Fujino Tourism Association Kotobuki Nemoto Performing Arts Planning Shinpei Nemoto
[Inquiry] 042-682-6121 (Lake Sagami Exchange Center/Hours 9:00~21:30)
*Closed on Mondays (next day if Monday is a national holiday)

  • Kanagawa Prefectural Lake Sagami-ko Community Center
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Lake Sagami-ko Community Center
  • Kanagawa Prefectural Lake Sagami-ko Community Center

A Kanagawa prefectural cultural facility located on the shores of Lake Sagami.
There is a 456 seat multipurpose hall with Besendorfer, an art gallery, training room, lesson room, etc.
Sagami Dam's dam card distribution place. The cafe on the second floor, Ao Ringo, is the place where Sagami dam curry is sold.
The multi-purpose hall is called the sacred place for recording CDs such as classical music, and is a very popular hall.

Owns Grand Piano Besendorfer Model 275, which can only be used in multipurpose halls.
Flexible display is possible at the art gallery with movable walls.

<Access> 10 minutes walk from Sagamiko Station on the JR Chuo Main Line

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