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6 high-quality performances by France Date

大和市文化創造拠点シリウス Date: 2020.06.27
88 days to go

「Les van Francais 2020」

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"Les van Francais" was formed as a woodwind ensemble that inherited French Esprit with friends who have been active internationally, led by Paul Meyer. A luxurious ensemble group of six members, all of which are star players in the world, will perform at the Yamato Arts and Culture Hall. Don't miss this precious performance in Japan.

6 high-quality performances by France Date
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February 15, 2020 (Sat) 10:00-General Ticket Release !!
Les van Francais 2020
[Date] June 27th (Sat) 14:00-(13:30 open)
[Venue] Yamato City Cultural Creation Center Sirius 1F Arts and Culture Hall Main Hall
[Appearance] <Les van Francais> Emanuel Pahud (flute), François Leroux (oboe), Paul Meyer (clarinet), Radovan Vlatkovich (horn), Gilbert Odan (bason), Eric Le Sage (piano)
Millau: Fireplace of King Rene (woodwind quintet), Beethoven: piano quintet Op.16 (oboe, clarinet, horn, basson, piano)
Beethoven: Variations on Mozart's Don Giovanni's "Your Hands" (Flute, Clarinet, Bason), Nielsen: Woodwind Quintet, Poulenc: Sixtet
* Some songs may be changed.
[Price] (All seats specified) S seat ¥ 4,500, A seat ¥ 3,500, S student ¥ 2,500, A student ¥ 1,500
[Ticket Sales] For more information official website .
[Organizer] Mirai Yamato (Yamato City Cultural Creation Base Designated Manager)
[Inquiry] 046-263-3806 (Yamato Arts and Culture Hall Ticket Desk / 9: 00-20: 00)
* Please refrain from entering preschool children.
* Students may be 26 years old or younger and present their student ID on the day (only Yamato Arts and Culture Hall).
* Some performers, songs and song order may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances.
* Tickets cannot be changed, canceled or refunded after reservation or purchase, except for cancellation of the performance.

  • Yamato City Culture Creation Center Sirius
  • Yamato City Culture Creation Center Sirius
  • Yamato City Culture Creation Center Sirius
  • Yamato City Culture Creation Center Sirius
  • Yamato City Culture Creation Center Sirius
  • Yamato City Culture Creation Center Sirius

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