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2019年度黄金町AIRプログラム成果展 作品画像を公開!
Video Art/Photo

2019 Koganecho AIR Program Achievements Exhibition work image released!

「"ROADSIDE PICNIC web exhibition" program released」

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In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, two months have passed since the announcement of various event cancellations. Introducing "ROADSIDE PICNIC web exhibition", a project that allows you to watch the 2019 AIR program achievement exhibition "ROADSIDE PICNIC" that was canceled on the web.

The "ROADS IDE PICNIC" exhibition, where curators and artists have had dialogues and are preparing for it. What I was aiming for was an experience that was unique to Koganecho, where you could walk through Koganecho, which is dotted with studios and galleries of various sizes, and at the same time encounter artists' works. The "ROADSIDE PICNIC web exhibition" introduced this time is also designed with the intention of making the experience of the exhibition possible on the web. Enjoy the “ROADSIDE PICNIC web exhibition” realized by the idea of the artist!

Click on the six boxes on the map at the links to see the images of the works exhibited by each artist and the materials and sizes used in the works. In addition, you can experience the exhibition space more on the page where you can see 360-degree photos. We hope that the concept of'ROADSIDE PICNIC' where you can see the exhibitions of residence artists while walking through the path from Koganecho to Hinodecho and the significance of AIR's achievement exhibition will stay here and reach. ..

/// Click here for "ROADSIDE PICNIC web exhibition" program release ///

"ROADSIDE PICNIC web exhibition" program released
[Date and time (planned)]Now Available-Friday, July 31, 2020
[URL] https://vtofrp.tumblr.com
[Venue: Participating artists]
Mini Residence: Kazushi Mitsuyama, Mamoru Hinuma
8BANKAN: Raymond Horacheck, Arthur Takahashi, Terashima Daisuke, Goto Nanami, SUZUKIMI
Site A: Yuri Miyauchi
KAIDAN: Shinpei Kou, Kaze Okamoto, da in print × Yuichiro Higashichi
HINODE: Hisa Abe
[Planning/Production] Yuri Miyauchi
[Director/Photographer] Naoki Yoshimoto
[Support] NPO Koganecho Area Management Center
[Inquiry] info@koganecho.net (Noganecho Area Management Center)