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"Command" No sound, but the most prominent person on stage!

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What does a conductor do in the first place?
We asked Kentaro Kawase, the permanent conductor.

It wasn't long ago that the profession of conductor was born. In the past, orchestral leaders such as composers and concertmasters also acted as conductors. In other words, both Mozart and Beethoven composed and conducted themselves.
Was the profession specializing in conducting born at most 100 years ago? It may not have been so long.
In the first place, all the members of the orchestra are skilled chefs, and each one can cook wonderful food. However, if there are many chefs, it is necessary to have a person who decides the direction such as seasoning in order to give a sense of unity to today's dishes. "Let's make it taste stronger!" Or "Why don't you sprinkle some more pepper?" Sometimes I inspire "Do your best!"
Yes, the conductor may be like a chef. I think it's a person who trusts the skilled chefs and decides the direction so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful course meals.

Mr. Kawase's favorite baton is open to the public!

"Command" No sound, but the most prominent person on stage!
There were about 50 batons, roughly counting. However, I never use all 50 of them properly, and I always use at most 3 of them. The reason why I have so many batons is that when I go abroad, I buy something that is not available in Japan or something that is rare. At home, I put a baton in a vase and decorate it. The one I'm using now (pictured above) is actually my own and I like it.

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We are particular about the stick not being too long, being light, and having the center of gravity as shown in the picture. It's hard to find a baton that suits you.