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"Kanagawa Short Play Award 2020" performance video released!

「"Kanagawa Short Play Award 2020" performance video released」

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The “Kanagawa Short Play Award 2020” is held based on a play that breaks the established concept of theater. Calls were made in two categories, drama competitions and drama competitions, and in the main game from March 20th (Friday, public holidays) to 22nd (Sunday), the performances of eight groups that had survived the fierce battle were scheduled to be performed.

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, unfortunately it was held with no audience, but the pattern was distributed via the Internet. This time, the performances of 7 groups that participated in the main battle (1 group withdrew due to the new coronavirus infection) will be released on YouTube's official channel! Not only for those who missed the live stream, but for those who watched it again, please enjoy it at home.

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"Kanagawa Short Play Award 2020" performance video released
[Publication period] The movie is scheduled to be released for one year (until the video release of the Kanagawa Short Film Award 2021).
*The publication period may be shortened due to various reasons.
[Released place] Kanagawa official YouTube channel "Kanachan TV"
[URL] https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/docs/yi4/magfes20/archives_tanpen.html
[Open work]
■ Momeras "28:01" <GrumpRe-award>※
*When releasing the performance video, the songs used in the play have been deleted from the performance video and some dialogues have been displayed as subtitles according to regulations.
<Hereafter, in order of Japanese syllabary>
■ A cheap place to live "Drape the Strange land"
■Fantasy tatami "Ethica that fears angels stepping on" *
*When releasing the performance video, the music at the beginning and the end of the performance is cut according to the regulations.
■Kunoshi group "Silhouette Stone"
Play with John Smith: The Minimal Scene of John Henrick Don Pemberton
■ Shirakan "whale"
■ Space knot blank "Ice and winter"
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