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音楽業界初! アーティスト×カップ麺!? ユニークな自己紹介動画配信
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Music industry's first! Artist x cup noodles!? Unique self-introduction video distribution

「let's eat together! Cup noodles and artist introduction」

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New self-introduction video full of artist's individuality!
This time, we would like to invite those who spend more time at home due to the influence of coronavirus to enjoy their home time, and the artist introduces the recommended cup noodles in the relay method, and introduces himself in 3 minutes from putting hot water to completion I made a unique video of doing. It is distributed on YouTube every Tuesday and Friday at 19:00.

~Happy little home time~
Volunteer artists from all over the certified NPO corporation gathered, "I want to do what we can do because of this situation!", and this project started. Art has the power to enrich life. Although many people have a high threshold image, we hope that this video will make your home more enjoyable and bring you closer to art.

-The charm of this project is-
You can feel free to peek into the artist's daily life!
You can enjoy various fields such as musicians' performances, the process of graphic designers making logos, and dancer choreography videos!
When you see various cup noodles and they are eating deliciously, you will want to eat them together!

///"Let's eat together! Cup noodles and artist introduction" is here//

let's eat together! Cup noodles and artist introduction
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<<What is a certified NPO corporation here and there?>>
Established in 2011 (incorporated in 2013). Through arts and culture, we are engaged in activities that connect the local community with residents and artists. In addition to planning and producing exchange events and workshops, we also conduct international exchange projects. Since 2015, he has received the "9th Kanagawa Children and Child-rearing Support Award Special Award" as a coordinator of the Yokohama City Arts and Culture Education Platform "Artist goes to school".