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Make your home time effective! Let's enjoy learning with newspapers! !!

Nihon Shinbun Museum 

「Home Museum」

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The News Park (Japan Newspaper Museum) has set up a "Let's enjoy learning with newspapers at home" section on its web page, providing tips for children who are closed to use newspapers to study at home.

From simple things like adding balloons to newspaper photos to making full-scale scrap books, we'll show you how kids can learn at home without getting bored and having fun.

The corner also participates in the "House Museum" called by the Hokkaido Museum, and supports children's learning by keeping pace with 185 museums and art galleries nationwide.

Make your home time effective! Let's enjoy learning with newspapers! !!
Provided by Japan Newspaper Museum

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[News Park (Japan Newspaper Museum)]
[Address] 11 Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama Yokohama Information Cultural Center
[Access] Directly connected to the No. 3 Information Center Exit of " Nihonodori Station" on the Minatomirai Line
[Opening hours] 10: 00-17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)
[Closed] Monday (the next weekday if Monday is a national holiday), December 29-January 4
[Admission fee] General ¥ 400, University students ¥ 300, High school students ¥ 200, Free for junior high school students and younger
[TEL] 045-661-2040 (News Park)

* The news park was temporarily closed due to the fact that an emergency declaration was issued in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but it will resume on June 2 due to the cancellation of the declaration.
After reopening, business hours will be shortened and admission will be by appointment only. Please see the official website for details.

  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum
  • Nihon Shinbun Museum

On July 20, 2016, the News Park (Japan Newspaper Museum) was reborn as a facility where you can learn while experiencing the roles of the information society and newspapers and journalism. In April 2019, we opened a new permanent exhibition room with an expanded historical exhibition zone. There are many fun ways to learn, such as introducing the on and off of newspaper reporters on a touch panel display. The interview experience game "Yokohama Time Travel" is a time slip in the past by holding a tablet over a diorama that reproduces the cityscape of Yokohama. We will cover and unravel the mysteries of Yokohama, such as the arrival of Perry, the conclusion of the Convention of Kanagawa, and the secret of the birth of Nihon Odori and Yamashita Park. In addition to holding special exhibitions and various events, we also create and hand out a visit commemorative newspaper to those who wish.

  • Address
    11 Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Yokohama Information Cultural Center
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    10: 00-16: 30 (Admission until 16:00) * Compatible with new coronavirus [Closed] Monday (the next weekday if it is a holiday or a transfer holiday), 12 / 29-1 / 4 * Preventing the spread of infectious diseases Therefore, we have a reservation system and a replacement system.