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The famous actor "Ken Ogata" who had a great influence on the times, what he left behind to "now"

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「Actor Ken Ogata and his era-The trajectory of postwar popular cultural history」

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What did the era ask for an actor named Ken Ogata?
What kind of influence did Ogata have on the times?

The famous actor "Ken Ogata" who had a great influence on the times, what he left behind to "now"

This fall, it will be the 13th anniversary of Mr. Ken Ogata. We will exhibit a number of valuable materials left by Mr. Ogata , including "Vengeance is Mine" and "Narayama Setsuko" .

In memory of the thirteenth anniversary of the actor Ken Ogata, he thinks about tomorrow in this world while looking back on the history of postwar Japan and entertainment culture and popular culture throughout his life as an actor.

Ken Ogata joined the theater company Shinkokugeki in 1958, and until his death in 2008 at the age of 71, he spent half a century in various fields such as theatrical performances, movies, TV dramas, and documentaries until his later years. He has been active evenly and has produced excellent works. In addition, he was a person of various arts, such as enjoying calligraphy and pottery. In 2016, the bereaved family requested the Tokai University Civilization Research Institute to organize the enormous amount of materials such as scripts, pufflets, documents, and books left by Ogata. The stage (267), TV dramas (211), documentaries and other TV programs (150), and movies (70) will each be firmly positioned in the historical background.

The famous actor "Ken Ogata" who had a great influence on the times, what he left behind to "now"

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Actor Ken Ogata and his time
-The trajectory of postwar popular culture history-
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