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Produce and sell original one-stroke paper designed from kimono pattern

Silk Museum 

「Living National Treasure Writer Hiroko Tajima Produces and sells original one-stroke paper designed from visiting clothes」

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(TOP image) Original one-stroke paper "Summer" provided by Silk Museum

From the spring of 2020, the Silk Museum was scheduled to sell two types of one-stroke papers, "Spring" and "Summer," designed from the visiting clothes by Hiroko Tajima in the museum's collection, but it will be temporarily closed due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Therefore, the sale was postponed.
At the same time as the opening of the museum on June 2nd (Tuesday), sales have started at the Silk Museum Shop.
We are looking forward to your visit as we are exhibiting kimonos that make you forget the rainy season.

The Houmongi "wig", which became a model for the one-stroke "summer", is also on display on the 2nd floor of the hotel until July 19th (Sun).

From the right, Houmongi "wig" Yuzen dyeing by Hiroko Tajima Houmongi "Sho" Yuzen dyeing by Shotaro Arai Silk Museum

Living National Treasure Writer Hiroko Tajima
Produce and sell original one-stroke paper designed from Houmongi
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The museum is open after taking preventive measures against new coronavirus infections.
Therefore, the workshopDemonstrations, weaving and threading experiences, touching exhibitions, etc. will be canceled until August 31st (Monday). For other details of preventive measures, please see our website .

The Silk Museum deepens visitors' understanding of silk science and the technology of silk production while providing venues and chances for visitors to appreciate and admire beautiful silk clothing . They also work to promote the demand for silk through various exhibitions and workshops.

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