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Every three years, an international exhibition of contemporary art "Yokohama Triennale 2020" opens on Friday, July 17

Yokohama Museum of Art Holding period: 2020.07.17-2020.10.11
Ends in 9 days

「Yokohama Triennale 2020 "AFTERGLOW-Catch Fragments of Light"」


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※Yokohama Triennale 2020 requires reservations by date and time. For details, please check the ticket page on the official website.


The Yokohama Triennale started in 2001 as an international exhibition of contemporary art held every three years, and will soon reach its 20th anniversary. This exhibition introduces the latest trends in a wide range of countries, from works of internationally active artists to emerging artists, and continuously sends new values and new culture from Yokohama to the world for international exchange. We have been aiming to contribute to mutual understanding with.

In the 7th exhibition Yokohama Triennale 2020 "AFTERGLOW", Raqs Media Collective by three artists based in New Delhi, India will be appointed as artistic directors, and they will go beyond time and space with them. Invite you to a journey of thought.

When analog television was once available, it was said that the sandstorm that flowed after the broadcast ended contained electromagnetic waves called cosmic microwave background radiation, which is a remnant of the Big Bang. The title AFTERGLOW is the word chosen by us to refer to the fragments of light emitted at the moment of the birth of the universe that we have unknowingly touched in our daily lives. Raqs Media Collective considers that the energy of destruction that occurred in ancient times has been a source of new creation and has created this world and life over a long time, and the modern world is also at various levels. We believe that human activities have been carried out in the continuity of destruction/toxicity and recovery/healing. How to realize a coexisting way of life instead of eliminating poisonous things in a rapidly changing world. By sharing this question and continuing thinking with artists, viewers, and others involved in this exhibition in various ways, along with Raqs Media Collective, "Yokohama Triennale 2020"Will be shaped.

The Yokohama Triennale 2020 is not only a regular exhibition, but also consists of two parts, an event called "episōdo" that starts in November 2019 and is held not only in Yokohama but also abroad. We will add a book called "Source Book" to share the starting point (source) of thought, and try to expand our awareness of the world.


Yokohama Triennale 2020
[Date and time] From Friday, July 17 to Sunday, October 11 from 10:00 to 18:00 (Last admission 30 minutes before closing)
*Open until 20:00 on October 11th (Sunday), the last day of the session.
*10/2 (Fri), 3 (Sat), 10/8 (Thurs), 9 (Fri), and 10 (Sat) open until 21:00.
■ Yokohama Museum of Art (3-4-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
■Plot 48 (4-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
[Closed] Every Thursday (except 7/23, 8/13, 10/8)
[Ticket] General ¥2,000, university/vocational school students ¥1,200, high school students ¥800, free for junior high school students and younger (no advance reservation required), one person with disability certificate and one caregiver free (no advance reservation required)
* Yokohama Triennale 2020 ticket can be used to enter Yokohama Museum of Art, Plot 48, and NYK MARITIME Museum.
*You must specify the date and time to enter the Yokohama Museum of Art. For details, please check the ticket page on the official website. Plot 48 can be admitted at any time [limited to the same day as the Yokohama Museum of Art] (however, admission is up to 30 minutes before closing).
* At the NYK MARITIME Museum, works by exhibitor Marianne Fermi are on display. You can enter at your favorite date and time regardless of the date and time specified at the Yokohama Museum by presenting the ticket. Opening days and times are different from Yokohama Museum of Art and Plot 48. Please visit the museum website ( https://www.nyk.com/rekishi/e/ ).
*Currently, group acceptance and group discounts are not available.
*Saturday high school students will not be admitted every Saturday, which is usually done by the Yokohama Museum of Art.
*If you have a Mirai ticket, please present your Mirai ticket and the materials that you can confirm at the ticket counter of Yokohama Museum of Art or Plot 48 during the exhibition period and exchange it for the Yokohama Triennale 2020 ticket. (No advance reservation required)
[Ticket sales] Please check the ticket page on the official website.
[Organizer] City of Yokohama, Yokohama Arts Foundation, Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK), Asahi Shimbun, Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale
[Inquiry] 050-5541-8600 (Hello dial/8:00~22:00)
*Tickets cannot be changed, refunded or reissued even if they have not been used.
*We do not accept waiting lists.
*If there are additional tickets sold, we will inform you on the official website.
*Resale of tickets for commercial purposes is prohibited. If the ticket is found to be resold by a secondary sale service or auction, you cannot enter. Please note.
*Admission is not exchanged.
*If you are using various ticket discounts, please purchase at the ticket counter of Yokohama Museum of Art or Plot 48.
*If you have a fever of 37.5°C or above after measuring your body temperature, you will not be allowed to enter.
*If necessary, please provide contact information when purchasing or entering the ticket, as we may cooperate with interviews conducted by public institutions such as public health centers.



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