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A prestigious masterpiece of Italian opera left by the genius Puccini at the prefectural hall!

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Holding period: 2020.10.17 ~ 2020.10.18
15 days until the event

「Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Opera Series 2020 Grand Opera Co-production Puccini Composition Opera "Turandot" All 3 acts / Italian performance / Japanese and English subtitles / New production」

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*Please check the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases at the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall when visiting the museum.

A co-production of a grand opera in which multiple theaters and groups in Japan work together to create the finest stage. This year, we present the "Turandot", a work by Italian genius composer Puccini who produced masterpieces such as "Tosca", "Madame Butterfly" and "La Boheme", at three theaters nationwide.

The stage of this work, which is filled with brilliant masterpieces such as "Nobody should sleep," is in Beijing, China during the legendary era. Princess Turandot, a beautiful woman who hides deep wounds in her heart with icy coldness. A proud wandering prince Karafu who challenges the life of a mystery that is a condition of marriage, challenged by the blood of a beautiful princess seen in the dark night. And Ryu, a kind-hearted servant who does not give in torture and sticks to her love for carafe. Dramatically depicts the lives of the three people who are hungry for the "real feeling of living" and the "desire for death" hidden there, and trying to stick to their beliefs.

The conductor, pianist, will be Albert Veronesi, the music director of the "Puccini Festival", an opera festival in Torre del Lago, Italy. The production and choreography is Sakiko Oshima, who is highly acclaimed worldwide for her sharp perspective on contemporary society, outstanding spatial composition, and beautiful and magnificent production and choreography. The title rolls are dramatic beautiful voice diva Naomi Tasaki and Masako Okada. Kei Fukui, who gives off a sense of scale to the role of Prince Carafe, and the expected nova tenor, Yoshimichi Serizawa. Hiromi Omura, who played the role of Liu for the first time in two years as a Japanese starring at the Puccini Festival, and Ryoko Sunagawa, a prima representing Japan. Naoko Shirakawa, who is an educated dancer, is attracted by overwhelming physical expression. In addition, the soloists and staff who carry on the Japanese opera world will gather.

At home and abroadPlease look forward to the majestic and dreamy "Turandot" created by Elite!

A prestigious masterpiece of Italian opera left by the genius Puccini at the prefectural hall!

A prestigious masterpiece of Italian opera left by the genius Puccini at the prefectural hall!

Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Opera Series 2020
Grand opera co-production
Puccini's opera "Turandot" all three acts
Performed in Italian, with Japanese and English subtitles / New production
[Date and time] Saturday, October 17, 18th (Sunday) 14:00-(Open at 13:15)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Large Hall
[Conductor] Albert Veronesi
[Direction/choreography] Sakiko Oshima
[Cast] October 17th (Sat) / October 18th (Sun)
Princess Turandot: Naomi Tasaki / Masako Okada
Emperor Artum: Shuichi Makikawa / Tetsuya Ohno
Timur: John Hao/Dennis Vishnya
Prince Carafe: Takashi Fukui / Yoshimichi Serizawa
Liu: Hiromi Omura/Ryoko Sunagawa
Minister Pin: Jun Hagiwara / Hiroshi Okawa
Minister bread: Kazuhiro Kodama / Nobuyuki Okawa
Minister Pon: Atsushi Kanno / Shuhei Itoka
Official: Keirin Kobayashi / Masato Inoue

Main dancer: Naoko Shirakawa
dancer: Kaori Saiki, Shino Kido, Mayumi Nomura, Minori Sakai, YUKI

Dance: H. Earl Chaos
Chorus: Second term choir
Children's Chorus: Red Shoes Junior Chorus
Orchestra: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
[Fee] (all seats designated) S seat ¥16,000, A seat ¥13,000, B seat ¥10,000, C seat ¥8,000, D seat ¥5,000, E seat ¥3,000, students (under 24 years old, limited number of seats) ¥2,000
[Ticket sales] Ticket Kanagawa TEL.0570-015-415 (10:00 to 18:00)
[Organizer] Kanagawa Prefectural Hall (designated manager: Kanagawa Arts Foundation)
[Inquiry] 045-633-3721 (Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Business Division)
*Please refrain from entering preschoolers.
*Performance may be canceled or changed due to the spread of new coronavirus.
*In order to avoid crowding, in principle, the seats will be arranged with the adjacent seats open. Please note that they cannot be purchased side by side. If you have any questions, please contact the following.
Ticket Kanagawa 0570-015-415 (10:00-18:00)
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