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50th anniversary of the death of Yukio Mishima. The masterpiece of the genius Maurice Béjart is premiered in the prefectural hall!

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Date: 2020.11.21
50 days to hold

「Maurice Béjart Choreography/Direction Tokyo Ballet Company “M” Yukio Mishima 50th Anniversary」

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*Please check the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases at the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall when visiting the museum.

50 years after his death this year. Yukio Mishima, a literary man who is still highly regarded internationally for his unique vivid aesthetics and ideas. In 1993, the master choreographer Maurice Béjart created a ballet with the theme of "Japan" for the Tokyo Ballet Company, and Mishima was the chosen material.

And as Bejar said, "I created this to love the poet," this work does not tell the story of Mishima's life or writing, but his life, literature, thought, and aesthetics all in one ballet. It was a bold attempt to

The beginning is the "sea" that often appears in Mishima's works. Boy Mishima emerges from the scene of the sea storm and begins a journey as if tracing the pilgrimage of his own soul. The boy is followed by four alter ego, the fourth one being "death". "Kyoko's room" "Forbidden color" "Rokumeikan" "Afternoon towing" "Kinkakuji"... Many masterpieces of Mishima and his aesthetic motif, "St. Sebastian"... Then, a climax filled with tensions from "anxiety" to self-determination, and then a return to the "sea" will come.

A masterpiece that was shown at the overseas performances of the Tokyo Ballet Company, such as the Paris Opera, the Scala Theater in Milan, the Berlin German Opera, and the Hamburg Opera, was celebrated 50 years after the death of Mishima in the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall. Will be performed for the first time. Please look forward to it.

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50th anniversary of the death of Yukio Mishima. The masterpiece of the genius Maurice Béjart is premiered in the prefectural hall!

Maurice Béjart Choreography/Direction
Tokyo Ballet "M"
50th anniversary of the death of Yukio Mishima
[Date and time] Saturday, November 21 from 15:00 to (open 14:15) Performance time approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes
*There are no breaks in this performance. If you are late for the performance, you will not be able to sit in your own seat, so please allow yourself plenty of time to visit.
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Large Hall
[Choreographing/Direction/Costume Concept] Maurice Béjart
[Music] Toshiro Mayuzumi [original song], C. Debussy, E. Sati, J. Strauss II, R. Wagner, L. Potra/D. Olivieri
*A sound source made by special recording is used.
[Cast] Emoto (I-Ichi), Shinagawa Miyakawa (II-Ni), Yasuomi Akimoto (III-Sun), Yoshimasa Ikemoto (IV-Shi (Death)), Yuki Higuchi (Saint Sebastian), Mizuka Ueno (Woman), Hitomi Kaneko (moon on the sea), Kanako Oki (orange), Emi Masamoto (rose), Asako Kawashima (violet)
* Casting shown is as of May 15, 2020. Please note that the ticket is subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances, so please be sure to purchase the ticket. Tickets will not be refunded or the types of tickets will not be transferred due to changes. The official cast will be announced on the day.
[Fee] (all seats designated) S seat ¥10,000, S pair ¥19,000, A seat ¥7,000, B seat ¥5,000, C seat ¥3,000, students (under 24 years old, limited number) ¥2,000
*Student tickets will only be handled at Kanagawa.
[Ticket sales]Ticket Kanagawa TEL.0570-015-415 (10: 00-18: 00)
[Organizer] Kanagawa Kenmin Hall (Designated manager: Kanagawa Arts and Culture Foundation)
[Inquiry] 045-633-3798 (Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Business Division)
* Please refrain from entering preschool children.
* Performances may be canceled or changed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
* In principle, seats will be arranged with the next seat open to avoid crowding. Please note that you cannot purchase side by side. If you have any questions, please contact the following.
Ticket Kanagawa 0570-015-415 (10: 00-18: 00)

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