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みなとみらいに期間限定で「ニッサン パビリオン」オープン!!
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"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!

ニッサンパビリオン Holding period: 2020.08.01 ~ 2020.10.23
Ends in 3 days

「"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!」

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Construction began in 2019 at a location about a 5-minute walk from "Shin-Takashima Station" on the Minatomirai Line, and I was waiting for what I could do, but the whole picture was finally revealed.
The "Nissan Pavilion" was completed and the opening ceremony was held on July 31st.
The concept of the Nissan Pavilion "Expanding human potential". With this as a keyword, Nissan's near-future life through technological innovation is embodied from the perspective and interpretation of creators who are active in various contents such as entertainment, art, and media, and installation production.
"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!

Inside the pavilion, "THE THEATER", where you can enjoy three entertainment shows with a large 4K screen 32m wide x 6m high, including the exhibition and riding experience of the new crossover EV "Nissan Aria" that was unveiled on 7/15. With the theme of family and lover, "THE LIFE" where you can watch two short movies including the driving support technology "ProPilot", and "THE LIFE" where you can experience the photogenic world where the two visions that Nissan is aiming for are visualized. There are various contents that can be enjoyed by children and adults, such as "THE CITY" and "NISSAN CHAYA CAFE" where you can enjoy a special menu using Nissan original beer and local ingredients.

At the opening ceremony, the president of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will be on stage to announce the history of Nissan Motor's founding, the announcement of the new electric vehicle aria for the first time in 10 years since the launch of the Leaf, and this pavilion designed by Nissan Motor's designers for future mobility. He talked about his passionate desire to see, feel, and be excited about society. The mayor of Yokohama and the governor of Kanagawa Prefecture also rushed to the venue to congratulate the opening.
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Three entertainment shows were held at "THE THEATER". At the "Aria Show", Aria actually appeared, and a splendid running show in which the image projected on the large screen and Aria were linked was developed. Next, the theme is based on the synergistic effect of the vibrating floor using Sony's haptics technology, such as the powerful "Formula E The Ride" that allows you to experience the feeling of actually driving in a 100% electric formula car. I was able to enjoy the experience just like an attraction in the park.
"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!

The final show is "Naomi Beats," where you can experience virtual tennis with Nissan brand ambassador Naomi Osaka, making full use of Nissan's new technology, "I2V" that visualizes invisible things. Since it will proceed in a battle format, 6 of the participants in the ceremony will play against each other. Naomi Osaka's 200km / h serve was hit back, and the incandescent virtual tennis that unfolded the rally was very exciting.
"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!

Next, in "THE CITY," the space that visualizes the two visions that Nissan is aiming for will expand. ROOM1 is an "accident-free transportation society" and ROOM2 is a "revitalizing city". Digitally capture the distribution of energy and information from the sensing technology and cars required to realize bothExpressed as an installation. You can experience a slightly mysterious and photogenic space.
"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!

If you get tired in the pavilion, take a break at the glass-enclosed cafe "NISSAN CHAYA CAFE" facing the outdoors. In addition to a wide variety of drinks such as Nissan original beer and cocktails, you can enjoy special dishes using local ingredients such as pasta and sweets.
Wireless charging, which allows you to charge your mobile phone just by placing it on the table, or when you order a menu, the unmanned waiter robot "Pro Pilot Waiter" that applies driving assistance technology will carry the food to you. Furthermore, when you place the food on the table, energy information flows to the table in response to the IC chip on the plate, and you can experience high-tech and surprising technology.
In addition, solar panels are installed on the roof of the cafe, and the generated renewable energy is stored in the Nissan LEAF, and the electricity stored in the Leaf is used as part of the electricity for the cafe.
"Nissan Pavilion" will open in Minatomirai for a limited time! !!

At the Nissan Pavilion, I was able to actually feel the cutting-edge technology of Nissan Motor with my body and eyes, and even myself, who is not familiar with technology, could imagine the city of the future. When I think that not only car technology but also the development of applications of it will expand in various ways in the future, I am full of anticipation for the future that will change steadily in the future. With a lot of dark news, I was able to experience a pavilion full of hope for the first time in a long time.

"Nissan Pavilion"
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Holding period: 8/1 (Sat) -10/23 (Fri)
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00 to 19:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00 to 19:00
Fee: Free
Closed days: Irregular
Organizer: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Nissan Pavilion Content
・ Exhibition and riding experience of the new crossover EV "Nissan Aria"
(Cafe business hours)
Mon-Thu 11: 00-19: 00, Fri 11: 00-20: 00, Sat 10: 00-20: 00, Sundays and holidays 10: 00-19: 00
Closed days: Same as pavilion closed days

  • Nissan Pavilion
  • Nissan Pavilion
  • Nissan Pavilion

An experience-based entertainment facility where you can interactively experience the future mobility society that Nissan envisions. The event will be held from August 1st to October 23rd, 2020.

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