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Delicious! It's fun! A one-day Marche lined with discerning products

横浜市民ギャラリーあざみ野 Date: 2020.11.21
24 days until the event

「Azamino Fellow Marche」

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(TOP image) Last year's event

* Please check the "latest status of facilities" before visiting.

Original miscellaneous goods, handmade sweets, bread, fresh vegetables, and other special foods by welfare organizations for people with disabilities ... A one-day limited Marche where you can purchase wonderful things that can only be found here directly from the creator, that is "Azamino Fellow" Marche ". Enjoy what kind of shops you can meet every time

<< What is a "Fellow"? >>
A word that means friends and comrades. At Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino, we use the word "Fellow" with the hope that we can build a rich relationship that everyone can recognize on the same horizon without being distinguished without disabilities. ..

Azamino Fellow Marche
[Date] November 21st (Sat) 10: 00-15: 00
[Venue] Art Forum Azamino 1F Entrance Lobby
[Organizer] Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino (Yokohama City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation)
[Inquiries] 045-910-5656 (Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino)
* For a list of exhibitors, please see the event page of Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino.
* This event will be held after taking measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
* Please cooperate in wearing a mask, washing your hands, and using a disinfectant when you come to the venue.
* It is expected to be relatively crowded from 11:00 to 13:00.
*The event may be postponed depending on the infection situation in the future.

  • Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino
  • Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino
  • Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino

Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino aims to foster a wide range of "creative expression activities" that transcend genres, and to create a place where citizens and creative activities can meet, where people can interact with each other through creativity. .. In addition to managing and operating the exhibition room and atelier and providing it as a place for citizens to use, we also plan and implement voluntary exhibitions four times a year, atelier lectures for children and citizens, and concerts.

(From the left of the photo)
Appearance (Photo by Mr. Fujimoto) / Exhibition room / Atelier

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    1-17-3 Azaminominami, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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    Closed days: 4th Monday of every month, year-end and New Year holidays, facility inspection day