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About 50 works and related materials by literary artist Yuki Misao

Yokosuka Museum of Art Holding period: 2020.09.19 ~ 2020.12.13
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「Third-stage collection exhibition Special exhibition: 300th anniversary of the opening of Uraga Magistrate's Office Yuki Misao Nagashima Exhibition」

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(TOP image) From "Bird-and-flower painting book" by Yukimi Nagashima << Momoka Kotorizu >> 1884, provided by Yokosuka Museum of Art, Yokosuka City

We will hold the 3rd collection exhibition.
In Exhibition Room 4, as a special exhibition commemorating the 300th anniversary of the opening of the Uraga Magistrate's Office, we will introduce the works of Nagashima Seso 1818-1896, who was active as a literary artist from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era.
Yukiso was born to a leading farmer in Kurihama Village, near Uraga. At a young age, I became familiar with haiku, which was popular among Uraga cultural figures at that time, and learned Yamato-e (Tosa school) painting. In 1847 (Koka 4), I saw many excellent Chinese paintings while interacting with Nagayoshi Asano (Umedo), who was appointed as a magistrate of Uraga when he was 30 years old. , It is said that it was an opportunity to move on to the path of literary painting (Nanga).
Most of the works of Yukisou that are left behind today are from later years. While playing an active role as a name, he absorbed various cultures of Japanese and Chinese, and his own brushwork was lively and lively, and he was full of love for nature.
This is a special exhibition that reflects on the richness of the history of 300 years since the opening of the Uraga magistrate's office through about 50 works and related materials of this painter cultivated in the culture of Uraga in the early modern period.

3rd Collection Exhibition
Special Exhibition: Uraga Magistrate's Office 300th Anniversary Nagashima Yukiso Exhibition
[Session] September 19th (Sat) -December 13th (Sun) 10: 00-18: 00
* Free viewing date: November 3 (Tuesday / holiday)
* Closed: October 5th (Monday), November 9th (Monday), December 7th (Monday)
[Venue] Yokosuka Museum of Art
[Admission fee] General ¥ 380, High / Large / 65 years old and over ¥ 280
* Free for junior high school students and younger, free for high school students (limited to living or attending school in the city)
* For those who have a physical disability certificate, nursing certificate, or mental disability certificate
One attendant is free
"https://www.yokosuka-moa.jp/exhibit/taniuchi/tani2003.html"> You can also see the Taniuchi Rokurokan.
[Inquiries] 046-845-1211 (Yokosuka Museum of Art / 10: 00-18: 00)

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