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Looking for students who are creating theater! Looking for participating groups!

Kanagawa Art Hall Holding period: 2021.02.22 ~ 2021.02.23
38 days to hold

「Recruitment of Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 Participating Groups」

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We are pleased to announce that Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 will be held at Kanagawa Art Hall. Kanagawa Prefecture and OKAMI Planning will host this theater festival as a project to be adopted by the Magcal Theater in Art Hall and a project to be subsidized by Kanagawa Prefecture. We are looking for performers to join the event. The performance of this project will be performed at Kanagawa Art Hall, and videos will be distributed online.

In holding Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020
To university students who create theater in Kanagawa Prefecture

Nice to meet you. My name is Masaru Masaka and I am the chairman of the Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 Executive Committee. After working at the theater circle "Theatrical Company Crescent Theater" at Yokohama National University, I am planning a theater performance in Kanagawa Prefecture after graduating from university. This time, at the "Kanagawa Art Hall" in Hodogaya called Magcal Theater in Art Hall, this theater festival will be held as one of the efforts to "attract people with the charm of cultural arts and create a lively area" in Kanagawa Prefecture. It was carried.

The new coronavirus causes great confusion not only in your student life but also in your theater activities, and it is very difficult to carry out the activities up to last year, such as canceling the performances welcoming new students and canceling performances at school festivals. Isn't it? Now, each one is struggling to continue expressing while searching for a way to live. Can you confront such a situation with you? Can you reduce the burden of performing your work? With that in mind, we planned the Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020.

Because of this difficult situation, we will hold hands, exchange words, and look for opportunities to move forward. I am determined to make an effort to be a place for everyone to interact and develop. We sincerely look forward to your participation.
--- Masaru Masaka (general producer)

<< Overview of Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 >>
The Kanagawa University Theater Festival held at the Youth Center Multipurpose Plaza in 2014 will be revival as "Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020". This festival is not a one-time event, but a successionContinued every year. The first step for that is called "Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020".

A festival that creates a place for university students, the "generations who will be responsible for the future," and those who are or are currently engaged in theater to interact with each other, and will be the cornerstone for future creative activities. It aims to. And, even in this adversity that is currently set, we will join forces with young people who work on creation with youth and enthusiasm, and involve the whole Kanagawa prefecture by means of "theatre", both the creator and the audience. In addition, we will hold a theater festival that will be very interesting, including parents of students living in rural areas.

Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020
[Date and time] February 22nd (Monday) and 23rd (Tuesday), 2021
[Venue] Kanagawa Art Hall
[Performance groups] Up to 6 groups will be selected after open recruitment
* As of September, the performance is scheduled to have 100 seats instead of the usual 200 seats to prevent infectious diseases.
* Scheduled to be delivered in real time and archive.

◆ Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 Rules ◆
・ The performance time is 40 to 60 minutes including conversion. The maximum conversion time is 15 minutes including setting and withdrawal.
・ The number of performers is limited to 5 people.
・ Basic stage Frontage 16m (9 ken), depth 9m (5 ken), height 10m
・ Common preparation for sound and lighting. (Request to technical staff is possible)
・ The stage will be changed by the performing group.
・ The order of performances will be decided by the executive committee based on the desired survey.

Recruitment of Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 Participating Groups
[Qualifications] Individual students attending a university in Kanagawa Prefecture, an organization operating at a university in Kanagawa Prefecture, or an organization by university students operating in Kanagawa Prefecture.
[Number of selected groups] Up to 6 groups planned
[Judge] Kensuke Yokouchi (Chairman of the Judging Committee), Takayuki Terado (General Director), Masaru Masaka (General Producer)
[Performance venue] Kanagawa Art Hall
4-2 Hanamidai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 240-0017
* Currently, the maximum number of seats is 100 according to the "Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" established by Kanagawa Art Hall.
[How to apply] Please apply from the dedicated application form .
[Selection method] The executive committee will conduct a review based on the information you have entered. We will have an online interview with all the applicants.
[Selection schedule]
■ Recruitment starts September 16th (Wednesday)
■ Deadline October 30th (Friday)
* Online information session starts from 18:00 on October 2nd (Friday). We will have an online interview at any time. If you wish, please contact us from the following inquiries.
[Others] Selected individuals and groups are kindly requested to cooperate with the following matters.
(1) Be sure to hold clerical meetings with the theater festival production department (planning meetings about once a month, etc.) and meetings with technical staff.
(2) Performers and groups will promote this project (interviews, take pictures of rehearsals, etc.), sell tickets (minimum sales)Cooperate with 20 1-day tickets sold).
(3) Practice after observing the "Guidelines for Preventing New Coronavirus Infection" at the Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020. This will be created and issued in consideration of the situation at the time of group decision.
In addition, Yokohama University Theater Festival 2020 is looking for volunteers to help manage the theater festival. If you are interested, please contact us by email.
[Inquiries / Email] theOKAMIproject@gmai.com (Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020 General Producer Masaru Masaka)
* Please check the official website of "Yokohama Student Theater Festival 2020" for details and the latest information.

  • Kanagawa Art Hall

It was built in April 1992 as a cultural facility to support the artistic and cultural activities of the citizens of the prefecture, almost in the center of Kanagawa Prefectural Hodogaya Park, which is full of greenery. It is used as a place for practicing and presenting artistic activities such as music, drama, and dance in an environment that is colored by the nature of the four seasons. In addition, the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, the only professional orchestra in Kanagawa Prefecture, will show the rehearsal situation so that you can get close to excellent music.

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