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「かながわミュージカルアワード 2021」作品募集中!11月16日(月)まで!
Theater / dance musics

Looking for "Kanagawa Musical Award 2021" works! Until Monday, November 16th!

神奈川県立青少年センター Date: 2021.03.21
140 days to hold

「"Kanagawa Musical Award 2021"」

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We will hold a musical award with a rich regional flavor that includes elements related to Kanagawa Prefecture, such as legends, folk tales, regions, and trends in Kanagawa Prefecture. We are looking for a wide range of groups to perform musical planning performances, so we look forward to your participation.

Overview of "Kanagawa Musical Award 2021"
[Date] March 21, 2021 (Sun) 14: 00-17: 00 (planned)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Koyozaka Hall
[Performance groups] Two groups selected by prior open recruitment and screening
[Prize Money] 300,000 yen will be awarded to each of the two selected groups. Performance rights at Kanagawa Art Hall as a supplementary prize.
[Purpose] By recruiting and performing musicals that include elements related to "Kanagawa," we will foster attachment to the region, revitalize the region, and develop musical human resources.

About "Kanagawa Musical Award 2021" work recruitment
[Recruitment period] October 1st (Thursday) -November 16th (Monday), 2020 * Must arrive
[Qualification requirements]
(1) Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur, you must have an organization that can perform your work responsibly.
(2) Have a performance record.
(3) A 45-minute performance can be performed on the day of the event on March 21, 2021 (Sun). Also, be able to participate in rehearsals the day before.
* The organizer will prepare the staff for stage director, lighting, sound, etc. If you wish, it is possible for the performing group to do it, but in that case the staff fee will not be borne separately.
(4) Please actively cooperate with the public relations and promotion of the "Kanagawa Musical Award 2021" and the prefectural performing arts business project.
[Application rules]
(1) It doesn't matter whether the submitted work is new or old, but the composition should be designed with the performance in 45 minutes in mind.
(2) Being able to perform according to the stage conditions of the attached "" Kanagawa Musical Award 2021 "stage equipment".
(3) One work must be submitted for each group of applicants.
(4) It is the applicant's responsibility to process the copyright, etc. when performing the work.
* For this award performanceRegarding implementation, we will comply with the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections established by the Culture Division of the Kanagawa Prefectural International Culture and Tourism Bureau and the venue, the Prefectural Youth Center, and take measures to prevent the spread of infection. Please follow the instructions of the secretariat as appropriate for the performance organization. This guideline may be revised in consideration of social conditions, but when it is revised, the revised guideline will be observed.
(It is assumed that the above is accepted by the application.)
[Examination method] Document / video examination by an outside expert who has a deep knowledge of musicals, etc.
[Examination time] Around the end of November 2020
[Result notification] Around the end of November 2020
[Judges (in alphabetical order)] Mari Kumamoto (pianist, Magcal Ambassador of Kanagawa Prefecture), Kengo Kondo (Director of Shiki Co., Ltd., in charge of technology and theater), Takuro Suzuki (choreographer, director, dancer), Takashi Naki (Naomi) Department of Stage Expression, Faculty of Arts and Information Sciences, Gakuen University)
[Application procedure] Those who wish to apply should prepare a project proposal, etc. in the format specified by the organizer and submit it during the period described in "2 Recruitment period".
Click here to download the application guidelines (PDF)
■ Click here to download the application guidelines attached [Stage Equipment] (PDF)
[Submission method] Mail, bring, application form on the Web
[Documents to be submitted]
(1) Planning proposal form download"color: # 008080;"> here
(2) The following attached documents / videos regarding each item of the project proposal
(A) Video data of the latest performances in the past
・ As a general rule, it will be the video of music plays and musical performances performed between 2018 and 2020.
・ The performance may be delivered online. If you don't have a musical performance record, you can use footage of other stage performances.
How to submit video data of the latest performances in the past
・ When submitting a project proposal by mail or bringing it, put the data on a disc such as a DVD and send it.
・ When submitting using the application form on the Web, it is the applicant's responsibility to edit the file so that it is an mp4 format file with a file size of 50 MB or less, or upload it on the Web and enter the URL. ..
(B) Script
It is desirable that the script includes all the lines and notes, but if it is incomplete, create a plot that shows the flow of the story and submit it.
How to submit a "script"
・ When submitting the project proposal by mail or bringing it, attach a printed version separately from the form.
-When submitting via the application form on the Web, attach a doc, docx or pdf format file with a file size of 5 MB or less.
[Submission deadline] -November 16 (Monday) * Must arrive
[Submission destination]
(1) Mail, bring
1 Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-8588
Kanagawa Prefecture International Culture and Tourism Bureau Culture Division
Magcal Promotion Group Kanagawa Musical
(2) Application form The WEB application form iss.com/~form/k-musical2021/app2021.html "target="_blank" style="color: #008080;" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Click here
[Inquiries] 045-210-3806 (Directly in charge of Kanagawa Musical, Magcal Promotion Group, Culture Division, International Culture and Tourism Bureau, Kanagawa Prefecture)

<< Notes >>
(1) Applicants are responsible for the cost of applying.
(2) In principle, submitted documents will not be returned.
(3) Substitution and resubmission of documents after the submission deadline is basically not permitted.
(4) The submitted documents and videos shall not be used without permission for any purpose other than selection.
(5) After the award-winning organizations are decided, the list of performers of "Kanagawa Musical Award 2021" will be announced on the prefecture homepage.
(6) The performing group shall cooperate with the video shooting and coverage of the practice scene for the announcement on the official website.
(7) The performing group agrees that the state of the day of "Kanagawa Musical Award 2021" will be broadcast live on the official website.
<< Handling of personal information >>
(1) The personal information of the applicant will be used for screening, contact, etc., and will not be used for any purpose other than this award. However, information related to groups and works such as the name of the work, the name of the director, the name of the director, etc. may be used in public relations, etc. if selected as an organization to perform after receiving the award.
(2) Personal information of applicants will be managed appropriately and strictly, and will not be provided to third parties other than the organizer and the management trustee (tvk Communications Co., Ltd.).

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