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A wonderful gift of music as a reward for working hard in 2020

逗子文化プラザホール Date: 2020.12.23
53 days until the event

「Fun ☆ Christmas concert by Junichi Ito and Eliza Sawada」

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"Fun Christmas Concert" will be held at Zushi Cultural Plaza Sazanami Hall on Wednesday, December 23, 2020!

A wonderful gift of music as a reward for working hard in 2020

A wonderful gift of music as a reward for working hard in 2020

Junichi Ito and Eliza Sawada
Fun ☆ Christmas concert
[Date and time] December 23 (Wednesday) 15: 00- (Open at 14:30)
[Venue] Zushi Cultural Plaza Sazanami Hall
[Cast] Junichi Ito (piano), Eliza Sawada (soprano)
Rondo op.16
Hero Polonaise
Nocturne No. 17 op.62-1
Nocturne No. 20
Etude op.10-3 "Farewell song"
Puppies Waltz: Chopin
Troimerai: Schumann
Dedication: Schumann: List
I like you: Saty
Sad song: Du Parc
Without you: Donaudy
Ave Maria: Caccini
Talked to the fog: Yoshinao Nakada
Ochihamatsu: Hideo Kobayashi
Opera fantasy medley
[Fee] General unreserved seat ¥ 3,000, pair ticket ¥ 5,000, free for junior high school students and younger (reservation required)
[Ticket sales] Shonan Classic Artist Paradise TEL.0467-24-5695
[Organizer] Shonan Classic Artist Paradise
[Inquiry] 0467-24-5695 (Shonan Classic Artist Paradise)


  • Zushi Cultural Plaza Hall
  • Zushi Cultural Plaza Hall

Nagisa Hall
[555 seats, 3 other wheelchair seats, parent and child seats]
Equipped with an acoustic reflector, variable reverberation curtain, and movable proscenium, this hall can be used for multiple purposes regardless of genre such as music, theater, and butoh.

Nagisa Hall Dressing Room 1 Capacity 10 people (about 29 square meters) Western-style room
Nagisa Hall Dressing Room 2 Capacity 5 people (about 14 square meters) Western-style room
Nagisa Hall Dressing Room 3 Capacity 4 people (about 14 square meters) Western-style room
* Dressing room 3 has a toilet and shower

Sazanami Hall
[Approximately 160 seats / stage approx. 52 square meters, audience seats 102 square meters]
Since it is an elevating stage (height: 70 cm from flat), it is a versatile space that can be widely used for plays, lectures and exhibitions. It is equipped with stacking chairs for 160 seats and 30 seminar tables.

Sazanami Hall Dressing room 1 Capacity 12 people (about 26 square meters) Japanese-style room 12 tatami mats
Sazanami Hall Dressing Room 2 Capacity 9 people (about 24 square meters) Western-style room

[Approximately 72 square meters, width 12m, depth 6m]
The space is integrated with the entrance of the hall building and is suitable for exhibiting and presenting art works such as paintings, calligraphy, photography, and crafts.

  • Address
    4-2-10 Zushi, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    9:00 to 22:00 [Closed] 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month (the next day if it falls on a national holiday), December 29th to January 3rd
  • Parking Area
    Yes * 30 parking lots are available at Bunka Plaza Hall. One of them will be a parking space exclusively for the physically challenged. The Cultural Plaza parking lot is open from 9 am to 22:00 pm. This parking lot is limited to those who use the Cultural Plaza. In addition, the adjacent Shimizubashi South Parking Lot is open from 7:00 am to 21:00 pm. As for the usage fee, parking fee for up to 1 hour is free only for those who use Plaza Hall for both Bunka Plaza Parking Lot and Shimizubashi Minami Parking Lot, so please contact the hall window. After 1 hour, you will be charged 150 yen every 30 minutes. The number of parking lots is limited, so please use public transportation as much as possible.