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A photo exhibition of Russian-born artist Anatoly Anshin, who lives in Yokohama, will be held!

gallery+sushi saburosushiamane Holding period: 2021.01.06 ~ 2021.01.31
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「"Treasure store self-opening" -Russian native Anatoly Anshin's photo exhibition」

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(TOP image) © Anatoly Anshin

A photo that is technically and compositionally perfect, just a beautiful photo is not enough. I want good pictures in my heart. An exhibition of photographs taken mainly by temples and shrines in Kamakura by Russian-born and Yokohama-based artist Anatoly Anshin, who considers drawing deep symbolism from the nature that surrounds us as the essence of photography.

[Artist introduction]

Anatoly Anshin

A photo exhibition of Russian-born artist Anatoly Anshin, who lives in Yokohama, will be held!

Anatolyy Anshin from Russia was fascinated by Japanese traditional culture and history from a young age and graduated from Moscow State University, majoring in Japanese studies.
After work, came to Japan as an international student. He received his PhD in the field of Japanese history, published specialized books and academic treatises, and served as a university faculty member in Russia and South Korea. Lived in Japan for 17 years. In recent years, in addition to his research and writing activities, he has been trying to express Japanese nature and traditional culture with photographs, and has positioned his activities in a wider area of visual arts rather than "photographs".

[Exhibition history]
February 5-22, 2020-Fusion Art Annual Group Exhibition, Artize Gallery, Palm Springs, CA, USA.
February 7-13, 2020-Solo exhibition "Kan", Fuji Photo Gallery Ginza (Tokyo).
May 8-15, 2020-Group Exhibition, Yokohama International School (2020 Online Only).
November 2020--- Permanent solo exhibition, AMAKADO Art Gallery (Moscow, Russia).
November 13-25, 2020-Group exhibition "Landscapes", Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece).
November 13th-December 13th, 2020 --Visual Art Open 2020 Finalist. Group exhibition “Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair – Curated Collection” (Chester, UK, online only in 2020).

A photo exhibition of Russian-born artist Anatoly Anshin, who lives in Yokohama, will be held!
© Anatoly Anshin

"Treasure store self-opening" -A photo exhibition of Anatoly Anshin from Russia
[Session] January 6th (Wednesday) -31st (Sunday), 2021
[Venue] Gallery + Sushi Saburo Sushi Amane
[Time] Tue-Sat 12: 00-20: 00 / Sun 12: 00-19: 00
[Regular holiday] Monday
[Fee] Free (food and drink charges are not included)
[URL] https://www.facebook.com/AmaneMotomachi/


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  • gallery+sushi saburosushiamane

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In addition, because the store is entirely glass-walled, we carefully consult with the artist about our approach to the people who pass by and exhibit it. I also think about the balance with the front and back exhibitions so that I will not get bored every time.
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