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《アートリンク in 横浜赤レンガ倉庫》今年は新進気鋭のアーティスト、西川©︎友美が空間演出!
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《Art Link in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse》 This year, up-and-coming artist Nishikawa © ︎ Tomomi creates a space!

YOKOHAMA RED BRICK WAREHOUSE Holding period: 2020.12.05 ~ 2021.02.21
Ends in 36 days
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"Art Link in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse" started in 2005 as an event to color the winter in Yokohama, and many people enjoy the collaboration of art and ice skating by various artists every year. This season, which marks the 16th time, the artist has been awarded the JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association) New Face Award, and Nishikawa © Tomomi, who has made remarkable achievements as an artist, has created a collection of colorful and energetic works. Color a new page of "Link".

《Message from Nishikawa © ︎ Tomomi》
Hello everyone. Write © and read "Chomo".
Turtles, monkeys, skates, and many other creatures jack the ice world of Yokohama. Jack isn't scary at all, and each one has a good time at his own pace. Everyone seems to be able to afford while singing a humming song.
The port of Yokohama should be fashionable anyway. While feeling the history, Ilmy (*) at the port is also super romantic. (* Illuminations) I also wanted to make fashionable things and make me think that I am a cool artist from overseas, so I changed the title to "SLOW dance 1, 2, 3". English titles are fashionable, aren't they?
Please spend a fun winter sports time in a space where various creatures and wonderful spot Yokohama are mixed.

Art Link in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
[Holding period] December 5th (Sat) -February 21, 2021 (Sun) 78 days
* Closed on February 16th (Tuesday).
[open time]
[December] Weekdays 13: 00-21: 00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11: 00-21: 00
[January / February] Weekdays 13: 00-20: 00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11: 00-20: 00
* Christmas / New Year holidays
December 21st (Monday) to 31st (Thursday) 11: 00-21: 00 / January 1st (Friday) 11: 00-19: 00
[Venue] Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Plaza
[Fee] Adults ¥ 700, 3 years old to high school students ¥ 500, attendant admission fee ¥ 200, shoe rental fee ¥ 500
[mainEvent] Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (Yokohama City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Co., Ltd.)
[Inquiry] 045-211-1515 (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1)
[Special site] http://akarenga artrink.yafjp.org/


The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse was built in the Meiji and Taisho eras as a model warehouse for the country. On the shopping floor where small shops are lined up, leaving the impression of the warehouse at that time, there is a wide variety of shops such as various brands from Yokohama, Yokohama souvenirs, shops full of individuality unique to Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. ..

As for cafes and restaurants, there are shops that can be used in a variety of situations, from casual food courts to shops with a mood that takes advantage of the excellent location.

Various seasonal events are held in the event plaza, and in the hall and space of Building No. 1, the art and culture unique to Yokohama are created and transmitted through performances such as dance, theater and concerts, and various exhibitions.

  • Address
    1-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  • TEL
    [Building No. 1 (Hall Space)] 045-211-1515 / [Building No. 2] 045-227-2002
  • Business Hour
    [Building 1] 10: 00-19: 00 * Hall space varies depending on the event / [Building 2] 11: 00-20: 00 * Cafes and restaurants vary depending on the store