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Theatrical company Nakayubi

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(TOP image) "Okuni and Gohei" by Junichiro Tanizaki (Theatrical Competition 2020/October 2020)

■ Group concept
A constant work that launches a masterpiece drama such as "Okuni and Gohei" by Junichiro Tanizaki, which was performed at the Theater Contest 2020, into a detailed theater space, and the contemporary and political nature that we are applying for this time. By continuing to perform a mix of highly social and performative works, we aim to be an organization that always earns the expectations and trust of the audience, providing a variety of works that can be used in all situations. In the "Kanagawa Short Drama Award", we aim to meet the audience in the Kanto region and improve our name recognition in Kyoto through our performative works.

* "Okuni and Gohei" by Junichiro Tanizaki (Theatrical Competition 2020/October 2020)

■ Theme of participating works
Don't discriminate. It's a matter of course. But do we understand what discrimination is? In fact, discrimination is easy and familiar. You only have to judge others by their appearance, sexuality, and race. It's very easy to do so and we always live in that temptation. Discrimination occurs on a daily basis. Anyone can easily become a discriminator. Humans naturally have a desire to discriminate against others. Life is not long enough to look at each and every one of the many diverse people. Be aware of this desire, and improve this work for the purpose of inspiring thisI will play.

■ A word from the representative
In Kanto theater, if you move young actors tech-technically and let them speak piyo-piyo, some of the critics who were invited to write a drama like that in a theater magazine somewhere, a mass-produced movement I've heard that you can enter the infinite loop of, but if you can confirm whether it is true, it's worth the effort to come out of the countryside of Kyoto.

* "45 minutes" (Kyoto Student Theater Festival 2020) September 2020

Theatrical company Nakayubi
Formed in 2014 by Masanao Kanda of Doshisha University's student theater company, Third Theater. In addition to receiving the Kyoto Student Theater Festival 2016 Jury Special Award and the 2nd National Student Theater Festival Jury Award, he has experience of invited performances at the 2nd Republic of Korea Theater Festival in Daegu.