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Theater / dance


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■ Group concept
We also offer lessons and workshops in our own studio, and in the future we will make it a place where friends who perform theater and performance (other than this unit) can easily use it, and create a work, a place for research for that purpose, and share it. I also want to provide a place for you.
As a group, I would like to establish a style with songs and dances that can make familiar themes into grand musicals. (As long as physical strength continues)

■ Theme of participating works
If everyone can participate as planned, a four-person play called "Siler Jerry" ...
About justice and evil in the wide world and narrow relationships.

If it is better to play alone in the situation of Corona, "FIVE YEARS ~ Refreshing ruin ~"
A story about a cockroach, a hated person from all over the world who has been persecuted by humans, launches a dictatorship to save the earth.

■ A word from the representative
I don't intend to compete for the Grand Prix, but I just want to meet, encourage, and celebrate people who never give up on making theater in the same era.

■ Future activity schedule
PUNKBANK's official account (Twitter, Instagram and HP are also available) or representative Akikusa's account (Twitter, Instagram and HP are also available) are sending various messages from time to time, so please check it out. Beautiful older sisters in their 30s are doing their bestI will. (Recently called "Madame")

* Siler Julie stage photo

A performance unit created by Ruiko Akikusa of the former Takarazuka Revue and Yoko Goto of SNATCH.
In 2019, Mayu Suetomi, a dancer and actor, Maiko Dohi, a yoga instructor and actor, and Yuka Masaki, a vocalist and actor, have joined the group to create performances centered on theater.
Ruiko Akikusa is in charge of writing and directing, and inherits her master Hideki Noda-ism. Write, direct and perform, move, speak loudly, dance and sing.