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Free online delivery of the charm of traditional culture to suit your new lifestyle!

「[Online distribution] Kanagawari Classic Project in Kamakura」

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The "Kanagawari Classic Project" is an initiative to re-distribute traditional culture related to the prefecture with new ideas. This year, as a new lifestyle in Corona, we will deliver free online performances of folk performing arts groups so that you can enjoy the charm of traditional culture. We will deliver images with unprecedented impact to your home, such as mixing the perspectives of performers that you can not usually see. In this project, we are taking measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

Free online delivery of the charm of traditional culture to suit your new lifestyle!

[Online delivery]
Kanagawari Classic Project in Kamakura
■ Delivery contents
First release / released on February 15 (Monday)
・ Ladder riding virtual experience
・ Kamakura bell sound
・ Kamakura virtual walk in a little-known spot

2nd / Released on February 24th (Wednesday)
・ Kamakura folk performing arts group DIGEST

3rd / Released on March 3 (Wednesday)
・ It has been 800 years since Kamakura has been cleansed in a clean place. Kagura only for priesthood.
~ Kamakura Kagura ~
・ A stylish singing voice of a firefighter. The amazing technique and view that makes you sweat from the top of the ladder.
~ Kamakura Tobi Crafts Association Kiyari Preservation Society ~
・ Who is the true identity of the lion? !! A funny dance and musical accompaniment over a crazy lion.
~ Kobukuroya Hayashikai ~
・ Dance of boys and girls praying for rain and a good harvest from the summit of Mt. Oyama.
~ Oyama Ayori Shrine ~

■ How to watch
You can watch it for free from the URL below. It is open to the public even after online distributionPlease take a look.
(Kanagawari Classic Project YouTube Official Channel)

Check out the hashtag campaign !!
If you post an answer to the announcement video quiz with "#Re Classic Kamakura" on Twitter, 30 people will be selected by lottery from the correct answerers and will be presented with Kamakura's brand name.
* Winners will be notified by DM (Direct Message) regarding winning notifications and gift delivery. If you do not confirm by the deadline, the prize will be invalidated.
■ Announcement video
Please see from the following URL.
* Delivery contents and hashtag campaign may be canceled or changed.
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