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初の謎解き宝探しイベント「カワスイ ショウガラゴ捜索大作戦」開催

The first mystery-solving treasure hunt event "Kawasui Senegal Bushbaby Search Daisakusen" held

Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium Holding period: 2021.02.19 ~ 2021.03.31

「Kawasui Senegal Bushbaby Search Operation」

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Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium will hold the first mystery-solving treasure hunt event "Kawasui Shogarago Search Daisakusen (# Kawasui Mystery Solving)" for a limited time until March 31st.

The story of solving this mystery is to search for the nocturnal monkey "Senegal bushbaby", which is an exhibit creature at night time, while solving many mysteries set up in Kawasui. In Kawasui, from April to September as "Summer Kawasui" from 18:00, from October to March as "Winter Kawasui" from 16:00, it will switch to night production according to the sunset time, lighting and images You can enjoy not only the change of time but also the encounter with nocturnal creatures such as Senegal bushbaby. Everyone who participates in this event will try to solve the mystery scattered in Kawasui, find the treasure chest, and search for Senegal bushbaby within the time until the night production begins. For those who have successfully found Senegal bushbaby, we offer special gifts.

Based on the worksheet, this event will visit each zone in Kawasui, carefully observe the creatures in the hall and solve the mystery, and while enjoying solving the mystery, you can deepen your knowledge of the creatures. You can experience new discoveries, learning, and excitement at Kawasui.

The planning and production is done in cooperation with BOUKEN WORKS Co., Ltd., which handles "mystery solving treasure hunt" and "voice rally", and it is an original story that can be enjoyed not only by mystery solving fans but also by mystery solving beginners.

Nocturnal monkey "Senegal bushbaby"
A nocturnal monkey companion that lives in the forest areas of Africa. Although it has a characteristic cry and a lovely appearance, it has strong hind legs that can not be imagined from its appearance, and it can jump over 3 m. Balance with a long tail and strong legsBy jumping high, you can quickly jump from branch to branch. At Kawasui at night, you can see how it moves around actively.
[Exhibition place] 10F Africa Zone
[Exhibition time] 16: 00- (October-March) / 18: 00- (April-September)

Kawasui Senegal Bushbaby Search Operation
[Date and time] February 19th (Friday) -March 31st (Wednesday) 10: 00-16: 00 (Recommended play time)
* Even during the period, it will end as soon as the stock runs out.
[Sales location] 10F Kawasui ticket counter
[Sales time] 10:00 to 15:00
[Participation fee] Kit fee 1,000 yen (including living shitajiki fee)
● Estimated play time 1 hour
● Difficulty ☆☆☆
● Volume ☆☆☆
* Admission fee will be charged separately from the participation fee.
* If it does not end within business hours, you can resume playing at a later date. In that case, the admission fee will be charged again.
[Details] Based on the worksheet, you can enjoy the mystery-solving treasure hunt while visiting each zone in Kawasui. The content is to carefully observe the creatures in the aquarium and solve the mystery, and while enjoying solving the mystery, you can deepen your knowledge of the creatures and experience new discoveries, learning, and excitement. For those who can find Senegal bushbaby, we are preparing a gift as a discovery prize.
* For details, please see the Kawasui official website .

It's a little different from an aquarium or a zoo.
This is a "waterside oasis" where creatures from all over the world gather.
From the Tamagawa to Asia, Africa and the Amazon in far South America.
A small adventure begins, where you can experience small and mysterious everyday life while strolling along the waters of the world.
Welcome to inexperienced entertainment created by unique creatures and light, sound, and images.

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