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茅ヶ崎市史ブックレット「CHIGASAKI 1964 高度成長の時代」との連動企画開催
Art / photography

Chigasaki City History Booklet "CHIGASAKI 1964 High Growth Era"

「Special exhibition "CHIGASAKI 1964 seen by people"」

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Prior to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, which was held as the first competition in Asia, the torchbearer passed the national highway No. 1 in the city on October 7. We are exhibiting works and materials left by people related to Chigasaki, such as photographs showing the state of Chigasaki at that time, torches actually picked up by the torchbearer of Chigasaki, and commemorative medals.

Special exhibition "CHIGASAKI 1964 seen by people"
[Date] April 29th (Thursday) -September 26th (Sunday), 2021
[Time] 10: 00-16: 30 (Admission is 30 minutes before closing time)
[Venue] Chigasaki-related person's hall
* Opening days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
[Fee] 200 yen
* Free for children under 18 years old and high school students and younger, common viewing fee of 300 yen with the adjacent Takeshi Kaiko Memorial Hall
[Official website] https://www.city.chigasaki.kanagawa.jp/bunka_rekishi/1020607/1042843.html
[Contact] Culture Lifelong Learning Department Culture Lifelong Learning Division Culture Promotion 0467-82-1111