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"Virtual Open Zone" is looking for videos from artists!

「Kanagawa Prefecture Virtual Open Area 2021 Video recruitment!」

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Kanagawa Prefecture Virtual Open Area 2021 Video recruitment!

What is a virtual open area?
The "Virtual Open Zone" will be held again this year, with the venue of the "Magcal Open Zone" where you can freely announce performances such as music and dance, moved online from the street in front of the prefectural office!
This year's theme is "Living in the Corona Era!" We are looking for videos of all genres of culture and art with the theme of gratitude to all those who live in Corona, friends, family and other familiar people, and our own feelings!

Recruitment contents
Everyone inside and outside the prefecture (regardless of professional / amateur, individual / group, age, nationality)
* Those under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of their parents before applying.
[Video to recruit]
Video of all genres of culture and art (within 5 minutes in principle)
Multiple works can be submitted
[Field example]
・ Music, dance, street performance, art, photography, theater, etc. (See Q & A for details)
[Video example]
・ Performance (music performance, dance, reading, chorus, skit, etc.)
・ Live production of art, etc.
・ Slide show of still images such as paintings
[Requirements for recruitment videos]
・ The video should have the theme of "Living in the Corona Era!"
* Thanks to all those who live in Corona and those close to us, such as friends and family.
Feel free to express your own feelings.
・ When making a videoTherefore, take sufficient measures to prevent infectious diseases.
・ As a general rule, limit to newly shot works. However, even with existing works, this theme etc.
Works that have been edited according to the recruitment requirements are acceptable.
・ Shooting media does not matter (shooting with a smartphone etc. is also possible).
[Videos not eligible for recruitment]
・ Third party copyrights, portrait rights, trademark rights, ownership rights, such as using works other than the applicant without permission
Anything that infringes other rights
・ The main purpose is to sell products, etc.
・ Those that include content that slanders a specific individual or group
・ Acts that violate public order and morals and laws, violent expressions and lewd expressions, claims that lead to discrimination, etc.
(Including unfair discriminatory behavior against people of a specific ethnicity or nationality.)
・ Applicants are gangsters (Article 2, Item 2 of the Law Concerning Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan Members, etc.)
Refers to the gangsters specified in. ) Etc.
・ Others that the "Virtual Open Zone Management Office" deems inappropriate
[Application Procedure] Please download from here

Application method
[Application period] From July 9th (Friday) to September 30th (Thursday), Reiwa 3
[Application details] Please enter the following items from the application form.
When applying in a group, the representative should apply.
・ Name (real name, organization name), contact information (address, phone, email),
Age (If you are under 18 years old, you need parental consent) etc.
・ ① All genres (music, dance, etc.), ②Senior (60 years old and over)
③ Youth frame (under 20 years old), ④ Traditional performing arts framePlease recruit. (Refer to Q & A for details)
・ Video genre, title, outline explanation, video thumbnail, video data *, etc.
* Use the file transfer service "Giga File Service" to upload the URL of the video data.
Please fill in the application form.
・ Applicant's own site (HP, SNS) that wants to publicize
* If you change your contact information or address after applying, please contact us immediately.
* If you do not know the contact information due to moving, etc., your application may be invalid.
[Examination] Confirm that the requirements based on this application guideline are met.
During the examination, we may contact you to confirm the contents.
[Selection / Prize, etc.]
(1) Selection criteria
As a general rule, the requirements for recruitment are met, and the number of views and message characteristics by October 31 (the application deadline is September 30),
We will comprehensively examine the uniqueness. However, this applies to videos that have been viewed 500 times or more.
(2) Supplementary prize: Total prize money of 1 million yen Please see the website for details.
In addition, we are planning to establish a sponsorship award from the sponsoring company.
Winners will be featured in various media.
(3) Other
If it is found that you have violated the application requirements such as false declaration after paying the prize money,
You will be asked to return the prize money you paid.
[Caution] Please be sure to check the official website for copyright and handling of personal information.
[Official homepage] https://kaihouku.pref.kanagawa.jp/