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第18回 東京音楽コンクール金管部門 第1位受賞 トロンボーン界の若きホープが贈る期待のソロリサイタル

Winner of the 18th Tokyo Music Competition Brass Division Expected solo recital presented by a young hope in the trombone world

Sakae Ward Cultural Center Lilis Date: 2022.01.24
58 days until the event

「Afternoon Concert 135th Yuta Ito Trombone Recital」

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The "Afternoon Concert" series that delivers a special time once a month.
Why don't you dress up a little more than usual and go to a concert on weekday afternoons?

Afternoon Concert 135th Yuta Ito Trombone Recital
[Schedule] January 24, 2022 (Monday)
[Time] 14:00 (Open at 13:15)
[Venue] Lilis Hall, Sakae Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama City
[Cast] Yuta Ito (Trombone)
Kyoko Sone (piano)
[Song] Schlek: Trombone Sonata "Archangel Gabrielli's Lamentation"
Spark: Song for Ina
Jongen: Aria and Polonaise Op.128 and others
* The program is subject to change.
[Fee] All seats reserved 1,000 yen
[Official homepage] Click here
[Organizer / Inquiries] Lilis Hall, Sakae Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama City 045-896-2000 (9: 00-21: 00)

Lilith is in a building with a futuristic appearance that resembles a spaceship.
In addition to a concert hall with a rich and beautiful sound effect of 300 seats, there are facilities such as a gallery, a conference room, a practice room, etc. that can meet the diverse needs of customers, and it is widely used as a cultural base for the region. It is popular.

  • Address
    1-2-1, Kosugaya, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    9:00 to 22:00 (Reception work such as rental reservations is until 21:00)