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Please enjoy the yose-style performance centered on rakugo.

Yokohama Nigiwai-za 

「Yokohama Nigiwai Yose ⑥」

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"Master of Kibori-cho" Mao has the same sex appeal, a passing voice and an easy-to-listen narrative. Wako of Kamigata Rakugo is full of friendly personalities in Takaza. Please look forward to Kinosuke's unique paper-cutting with Nodayuki's performance and chat.

(One company) Rakugo Kyokai and (Kosha) Rakugo Kyokai joint performance. It is a yose-style performance centered on rakugo.

* December box office will sell the front, back, left and right seats without leaving one seat. Customers who do not wear a mask cannot enter.

Yokohama Nigiwai Yose ⑥
[Schedule] December 06, 2021 (Monday)
[Start] 14:00 start (13:30 open)
[Venue] Entertainment Hall
[Price] All seats reserved General: 2,900 yen Senior (65 years old and over): 2,800 yen
Students (high school students and above): 1,600 yen Children (junior high school students and below): 1,100 yen
Persons with a disability certificate (same price for one accompanying person): 1,600 yen
* Discount service after getting in the middle: You can enter for 2,100 yen after getting in the middle (break) on the day.
[Cast] Mamehei Hayashiya Kinosuke Hayashiya (paper-cutting) Katsura Utawaka "Nakairi"
Basho Kingentei Wako Nodayuki (Music Performance) Basho Kingentei
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Yokohama Nigiwai-za was born as a museum specializing in popular entertainment such as rakugo, comic storytelling, and street performance. The town of Yokohama was once lined with yose and theater huts, and was brilliant every day. Yokohama Nigiwai-za has been walking as a place where you can enjoy the entertainment and create new entertainment.

  • Address
    3-110-1 Noge-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  • TEL
  • Business Hour
    10: 00-21: 00 * The shop (Noge Chaya) is only available during the entertainment hall performances.