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What is KAAT, a theater for performing arts? (1/2)

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The mirea editorial department infiltrates the art space!

Location where people who love the performing arts attend
Kanagawa Arts Theater

About 5 minutes on foot from Minatomirai Line Nihon Odori Station. This is a theater dedicated to performing arts, representing Kanagawa Prefecture, nicknamed "KAAT". As soon as you enter the hall, the entrance of this colonnade appears in front of you.

An escalator will be installed around the entrance of this 30-meter-high atrium, and ascending you will arrive at the 5th floor main lobby.

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This is the main lobby on the 5th floor. The large glass window is covered with white cloth, but this lace-like pattern is said to have been created in the image of "cocoons" from Yokohama, a city that flourished in the silk trade. When more sunlight comes in, you can enjoy the installation of beautiful shadows projected on the floor and walls. Unfortunately, the day of infiltration is cloudy ...

And the floor of the lobby is ingenious!

The carpet also has a line that resembles a cocoon, similar to a glass window. Do you look closely and see that the ventilation holes are installed? Because it takes time to experience the set temperature, the air conditioning vent should be turned down. This means that the summer is cool, the winter is warm and the guests who come to the theater can be welcomed at a comfortable temperature.

Well, let's infiltrate further inside. This time, we will look into the hall that will be the main venue of “KAAT”. On the day of the performance, show your ticket at the lobby and go inside. On the way to the hall, there is a cloakroom that is indispensable for the theater, so you can leave your luggage or winter coat here temporarily.

Apart from the cloakroom, coin lockers are also available. It is 100 yen once, but 100 yen will come back properly after use in coin-back type. I'm glad ~

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And the time until the start is a space foyer settled by indirect lighting.

If you arrive early, you can read the performance brochure here, chat, and look at the people. People who go to the theater on the way home from work will definitely have a relaxing and comfortable time. Until the start, relax here.

I checked the toilet just in case! This is it!

It is a very stylish space using KAAT's image color, black x vermilion. The plate on the door is designed to make it easy to see if it is in use. The sign of concern for such customers is also designed cool.

This is the end of this time, as we have completed a must-check toilet for a long performance. Well, next time I will infiltrate the main hall!

    A facility dedicated to performing arts such as theater, musicals and dance. With Akira Shirai, an actor and director, as an artistic director, we create and disseminate outstanding performing arts works such as plays, musicals and dances.

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