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What is KAAT, a performing arts theater? (2/2)

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The mirea editorial department infiltrates the art space!

Location where people who love the performing arts attend
Kanagawa Arts Theater

This time, we will send you a report on infiltration inside the hall of KAAT. Immediately from the foyer, a calm space with indirect lighting introduced earlier. When you open the door, the main hall “hall” of the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater expands.

The main hall, with a maximum distance of 25m and 1,200 seats, is a dramatic space where red and black seats are lined up the moment you enter the venue. I have used it several times in private, such as dance performances, but the moment I stepped into this space, the expectations for the stage starting from now on will increase! And the hall's feature is this red The seat floor is raised and lowered depending on the seat and the performance, and the shape of the seat changes!

First of all, here is the basic audience. 1F, 2F, 3F seats are clearly divided.
Photo: Koji Honda

In dance performances and the like, it turns into a steep slope so that the dancer's feet can be seen better!

Photo: Koji Honda

That? 2F seats are gone! Yes, the slope connects the 1F and 2F seats. Maybe many users have not noticed this change until now?

More! A flat ground pattern where the stage space is expanded by removing the chair in front of 1F.

Photo: Koji Honda

There is also a stage with a flower path.

Photo: Koji Honda

The next time you use KAAT, be sure to check out what kind of seats are available. According to the content of the performance, it is designed to be more enjoyable for customers.

There is also space in the hall for wheelchair users.

On the day we sneaked, we hang hanging props and equipment on the stage. The ridge was under maintenance. I'm lucky to be able to peek into the "back of the stage" that I don't usually see!

In addition, the red seats on which we sit are carefully checked for their condition.

Thank you for your careful inspection!

Now, let's get out of the hall and see another fun spot. It is a "hole buffet" that can be used before the performance and between the performances.

Photo: Koji Honda

It's fun to have a drink or a snack while talking about your performance here during the intermission.

There is also a buffet counter where people who buy drinks at the buffet take a break. It is a recommended space to relax in the afterglow.

Finally, let's introduce other spaces. This is a dressing room used by performers in the main hall. Here we are preparing for changing costumes and makeup!

The Large Studio is a small theater with 220 seats, used as a theater and dance performance, and also as a rehearsal space.
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This is "Middle Studio / Small Studio (A)".

"Atelier (small studio B)" facing the roof garden seems to be used as a rehearsal room for drama and dance.

Nursery room. KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater also offers childcare services for specific performances.

In this infiltration interview, it was a coincidence, but I was able to see the state of careful maintenance and inspection, such as the maintenance of bridges and seats on the stage. In order to create the best stage, there are people who keep safety in this way. Everyone, please enjoy a memorable performing arts experience in a dramatic red × black space!

    A facility dedicated to performing arts such as theater, musicals and dance. With Akira Shirai, an actor and director, as an artistic director, we create and disseminate outstanding performing arts works such as plays, musicals and dances.

    (External photo) © Hideo Mori

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