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What kind of place is "KAAT" for performing arts? (2/2)

Mirea editorial department sneaks into the art space!

Location where people who love the performing arts attend
Kanagawa Arts Theater

This time we will deliver an infiltration report inside the hall of KAAT. I immediately introduced from the calm space foyer with indirect lighting, introduced last time. Open the door and the main venue of KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater "Hall" will spread.

The "main hall" of a maximum distance of 25 meters and 1,200 seats is a dramatic space where red and black sheets are lined up at the moment of entering the hall. I am using it several times in private, such as dance performances, but expectation for the stage starting from now will increase from the moment you step in this space every time! And as for the feature of this hole, this red Sheet, the content of the performance will raise and lower the seating floor, the seat shape will change!

First, the basic audience seats are here. It is clearly separated from 1F, 2F, 3F seats.
Shooting: Kōji Honda

In the dance performance etc, it will turn into a steep slope so that the dancer's feet will look better!

Shooting: Kōji Honda

That? 2F seats are gone! Yes, by tilting it, I connect the 1st and 2nd seats. Will not many users have not noticed this change so far?

Furthermore! 1F The inter-flat pattern which removed the front chair and expanded the stage space.

Shooting: Kōji Honda

Also the stage where the flower road was installed.

Shooting: Kōji Honda

Next time, when using KAAT, please check out what kind of seats are prepared. According to the contents of the performance, ingenuity that customers can enjoy better is given.

There is also space for guests who use wheelchairs in the hall.

On the day we let in, we will hang the equipment and equipment on the stage It was under maintenance of the ridge. I'm lucky to see the "backside of the stage" that I do not usually see!

In addition, we are checking the condition carefully for the red seat where we sit, one leg per leg.

Thank you for your fine inspection !!

Well, let's get out of the hall soon and look into another place to enjoy. It is "Hall Buffet" which can be used during the performance of performances before performances.

Shooting: Kōji Honda

It is fun to drink alcohol and pick up snacks while talking about the impression of the performance here during the curtain.

There is a buffet counter where people buying drinks etc at the buffet break. It is a space recommended to soak in the lingering finish.

Lastly let's introduce other space. This is the dressing room used by the performers who appear in the main hall. I am preparing for costume change and make-up here!

"Large studio" which is used as a theater, dance performances and rehearsal space as a small theater with 220 seats.
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This is "middle studio / small studio (A)".

"Atelier (small studio B)" facing the roof garden is said to be used as a rehearsal place for theater, dance and so on.

Childcare room. KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater has a baby-sitting service for certain performances as well.

Although it was coincidence with this penetration interview, we were able to see the state of careful maintenance and inspection, such as maintenance of the bridge and the seat on the stage. There are people who keep safe like this in order to create the best stage. Everyone too, in a dramatic red / black space, be sure to experience a musical performing art experience!

KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater

Facilities dedicated to the performing arts, such as theater, musicals, dance. Mr. Akira Shirai of actor / director for art director creates and disseminates outstanding performing arts such as theater, musicals and dance.

(Exterior Photos) © Michio Hideo

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