Yokohama Museum of Art

Yokohama Museum of Art


Originally built as a pavilion of YOKOHAMA EXOTIC SHOWCASE ’89, it was officially opened as a museum.

In addition to seven exhibition rooms, it has an Art Information and Media Center with more than 110,000 art-related books and ateliers performing a wide range of workshops for children and adults.

The Museum focuses on collecting and showing modern and contemporary art created since the late 19th century, alongside many special exhibitions.
The impressive symmetrical exterior was created by an architect, Kenzo Tange.
It looks innovative and beautiful even today, though the quarter century has passed.
Yokohama Museum of Art
The entrance with a spacious colonnade of 20 meters high is called Grand Gallery–a stair-like exhibition space,spreading about one hundred meters to the right and left.
This space exhibits private collections of modern art and can be regarded as Museum’s symbol.
If you don’t want to go through and buy ticket – finish here ,and enjoy the academic atmosphere of this magnificent place.
Yokohama Museum of Art
"Café Ogurayama", facing Museum’s front square, is a a naturally lighted café, offering its wide range of meals and drinks.
Visitors can enjoy preview movies for upcoming exhibitions, and some works of exhibitions held in the gallery are occasionally displayed there.
Yokohama Museum of Art
The museum shop offers about 1,000 kinds of products, including original goods featuring artworks from museum collections and exhibition-related goods.
Yokohama Museum of Art
Sophisticated original goods are appropriate as a souvenir.
Yokohama Museum of Art
The Art Information and Media Center houses more than eleven thousand books and five hundred and eighty video materials.
Expensive large-scale art books and overseas art magazines, that are rarely sold on the shelves of Japanese bookstores, are also available for viewing and enjoying free of charge.
They also introduce exhibit materials related to the exhibition held at the moment, so it might be good to drop by and learn some information before going to the museum.

  • 横浜美術館
  • 横浜美術館
  • 横浜美術館

横浜美術館は、1989年11月3日に開館しました。迫力のあるシンメトリーな外観と、吹き抜けの開放的なグランドギャラリーが特徴の当館は、7つの展示室のほか、11万冊を超える蔵書がある美術情報センター、多彩なワークショップを行うアトリエなども揃う、国内でも有数の規模を誇る美術館です。 国際的な港町、横浜にふさわしい美術館として、開港以降の近・現代美術を幅広く鑑賞していただけるほか、年間を通じて、約1万2千点の所蔵品からテーマごとに展示を行うコレクション展、多彩な企画展を開催しています。




Closed days: 2021 Mar 1-2023

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