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"Kanagawa Prefectural Hall" where you can meet modern architecture in the 70's (1/2)

Mirea editorial department sneaks into the art space!

Places that have kept watching the history of Yokohama's arts and culture
Kanagawa Prefectural Hall

This time we will introduce the "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall" opened as a large-scale cultural facility representative of Japan on 1975 and January 17 th 40 years ago from now. First we went to the hall staff to the lobby in the building 2F.

Wow, super cool! ! ! ! ! A high ceiling, a large glass window that plunges plenty of sunlight, a tall light tower set up at the information counter. And anyway, the design that was designed straight, straight, rounded, choked, crispy and square was too wonderful! This time for the first time (I was very sorry!) I used it several times, sharing confidence in the architecture of the whole hall. Here, the space that makes you feel modernism popular in the 1950s and 1970s is spreading, from lighting, walls, windows and stairs. By the way, this lobby is a public space just like the hotel lobby, so anyone can enter free. Since chairs are also prepared, while checking performance flyers etc., air conditioning is goodIt is also ◎ to spend relaxing in the spacious space!

On the wall on the left side facing the information counter, works woven based on printmaking by Shiko Okubata are decorated. Actually, this is originally used as a small hall's curtain (dock). It is worth a visit.

Let's move to the big hall with red carpet.

The lobby for this large hall is also built to make you feel modernism at all. How to use lighting is also effective and cool! Again, it also consisted of a design that emphasized corners overall. Normally it uses a whole wall part, it has a large lattice-like window, and it is a space where you can see the landscape of Yokohama which changes the expression every season.

Before entering into the big hall, I took you to a panoramic view spot called hall staff press. Arrived in the 3F lobby. The view from this lobby is the best because the view here is 6F part as it looks at the whole building!

As you go from the lobby towards the sea, do you know that there is a triangular space at the end? When you stand here, you can see the port of Yokohama beyond the ginkgo boulevard. Osan Bridge, Yamashita Park, it seems that you can see to Honmoku in good weather. When I was interviewing (Unfortunately, it was a cloudy sky …) It was a tough time of the hot weather, so Mokomoko and green grew under my eyes, but this seems to change into golden ginkgo trees on one side in fall to winter. Those who are coming to the big hall of "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall" from now on please burn to the 3F lobby and burn the beautiful scenery of Yokohama spreading under the eyes.

This is the state of the 2F lobby. Cube type lighting of classic design is also wonderful. Such interior is also necessary check if you visit "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall"!

Let's go into the big hall from the 3F lobby.

It is big anyway! This day was a day off, so maintenance and inspection etc for the next performance started. On the stage there was a lifting device called "Seri" and on this day a red color cone was placed so that you can see the position of "Seri". Looking at this is quite a big space. By the way, how do you think the "seri" part is used? The answer …… Because the bottom of this stage is just an entrance, it is used as a carrying-in way when assembling a stage set. Various sets that decorate the stage of opera and balletIt is brought to the stage by the ascent and descent of this "Seri".

And then again the hall staff teach me a sheet of pushing! With the stage facing the front, inside the front row of seats on both sides! For example, if it is the 3F seat here (the seat part that is seating the seat). The seat number "3F1 row 6 (left side)" and "3F1 row 53 (right side)".

I think that you can understand by looking at the far side, but do you know that the 3F side seats are squeezing far more than the 2F central seat? When I actually sit down, the stage is nearly impossible to think as the 3rd seat! Some of you are daringly asking for this 3rd seat.

For the 2F seat, the seat number "2F1 row 6 (left side)" and "2F1 row 55 number (right side)". I actually sat down, but I was surprised that the stage is really close! Moreover, since there is nothing to block in front, the whole stage can be seen perfectly.

I intended to be an actor, looking at the seat from the stage and like this.

Number of seats 2,433 seats. Together with the wheelchair seats and standing-side seats, the hall boasts an overwhelming size of 2,493 seats. (When using orchestral pit, 1st floor seat will be reduced by 190 seats.)

Well, this time this far. Next time I will show off to the stage of the big hall and peep through the backstage! Furthermore, it also infiltrates small hall where concert of pipe organ and chamber music is carried out! looking forward to

Kanagawa Prefectural Hall

In 1975, in the privileged environment such as Yamashita Park, Yokohama Port, Chinatown and so on, it was born as a biggest cultural facility nationwide, as a space to become familiar with international level of music, performing arts and art.
Mainly on artists active in the world, we hold fulfilling performances and are working on the creation and promotion of art culture.

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