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"Kanagawa Prefectural Hall" where you can meet the modern architecture of the 70's (2/2)

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall 
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The mirea editorial department infiltrates the art space!

A place that has continued to watch the history of art and culture in Yokohama
Kanagawa Prefectural Hall

We will continue to show you the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall! Last time, I introduced you to the audience in the large hall. This time, let's take a special stage and show the real face of this spacious “sacred place” that you can't usually see close to. The top image above is just a shot from the stage, looking at the audience! It would be happy if you could applaud from the full crowd.

On a wide stage. The area surrounded by color cones is the "seri" part that was introduced last time. This great hall has a 20 meter frontage! It is 10 meters high, 18 meters deep, and has an area of 1,337 square meters. This area has been around forty years since its opening. At that time, there were only a few theaters where full-fledged operas could be performed, so it must have been a valuable presence.

There are flower paths on both sides of the stage. It seems that Kabuki was set up 40 years ago because it was still popular as a performance in public halls, but it is said that theaters with such flower paths and operas are still rare today.thing.

By the way, we went from behind here to the small hall.

It's called "the best place to watch," and it seems that the performers who are waiting for their turn are waiting. This place during the performance will surely have a tingling air.

As I walk down the backyard ... I arrive at a small hall. This is one of the dressing rooms used by the performers in the small hall. While imagining how to make up in front of a mirror. I couldn't usually enter, so I was excited and excited to shoot the dressing room.

And we are in the small hall! Suddenly a "pipe organ" appears in front of you.

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This small hall, used for pipe organs and chamber music concerts, is 13 meters wide, 7.4 meters high and 6.6 meters deep, which is very compact compared to the large hall. But that's wonderful! It's a hall where you can feel the sound directly on your skin ... your breathing ... that's different from the big stage.

The pipe organ was built by Johannes Kreis's organ builder (organ builder) in January 1975. It's the first pipe organ in Japan installed in a public hall. Basically a pipe organ-this is a nickname for Japan only, and strictly speaking, an `` organ '' is made up one by one according to the building, taking into account the size and height, as well as building materials and the environment There are many things. No two are the same. Only one organ in the world is waiting for you in this small hall of "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall"!

I was very lucky on this day when I started shooting. Because……

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Once a month, he participates in numerous organ concerts in Japan and abroad, including the "Organ Promenade Concert," which is designed to make the organ feel free to use during the week-day lunch break of about 30 minutes. Organist Yumiko Ogino, who is also the "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Advisor", came by accident to play the organ! Organs are delicate creatures. You need to "play in" between concerts so that you can always get the best sound of the instrument in the best condition. Because it was a great opportunity, we actually performed and also gave us a little bit of the charm of this small hall. (Thank you, Ogino-sensei, for responding to the sudden "Please comment!" With a smile!)

“The appeal of this small hall is that it is close to customers. Since the audience seats are set at the same height as the stage, it is an unusual feature that you can see the organ playing carefully nearby. Organists are customers, and customers are organists, a wonderful space where you can feel close together ”(Omino Yumiko)

Starting from the lobby of the entrance, we covered a lot of view spots, large halls, behind the scenes, small halls overlooking Yokohama Port. The architecture is also wonderful, and new discoveries that have not been noticed before are rediscovered! This year is the 40th anniversary of its opening! Commemorative iVents are also available, so please come and visit us!

And here is the performance of Yumiko Ogino who appeared! Why don't you wrap yourself in a magnificent and beautiful organ tone before Christmas?

Congratulations! Opening 40th anniversary!
Organ Promenade Concert vol.346
[Date] Friday, December 11, 2015
[Time] From 12:20 (open at 12:00)
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Small Hall
[Cast] Yumiko Ogino (Organ)
[Price] (All seats free) Free
* Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
[Contact] Venue 045-633-3798

    In 1975, in a privileged environment such as Yamashita Park, Yokohama Port and Chinatown, it was born as one of the largest large-scale cultural facilities in Japan, and a space familiar with world-class music, performing arts, and art. We hold a variety of performances, centered on artists active in the world, and work to create and promote art and culture.

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