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"Kanagawa Prefectural Hall" where you can meet modern architecture in the 70's (2/2)

Mirea editorial department sneaks into the art space!

Places that have kept watching the history of Yokohama's arts and culture
Kanagawa Prefectural Hall

We will continue to inform you of the "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall" this time! Last time I introduced you to the auditorium at the big hall. Let me show you on the stage specially this time, let us show you the true face of that spacious "sacred place" that you can not see nearly as you can see. The top TOP image is just a shot of the audience seating from the stage! If you are applauded from a full-fledged customer, that is happy.

On the broad stage. Surrounded by color cones is the part of "Seri" that I also introduced last time. This large hall, how far the entrance is 20 meters! It is 10 meters high, 18 meters deep and 1,337 square meters in area. Since 40 years ago, this area is this size. It seems that the theater where a full-fledged opera can be performed was few at the time, so it probably was a precious existence.

Beside the stage there is a flower road. Forty years ago, it seems that Kabuki was popular as a performer at a public hall yet, but it seems that Kabuki was popular, but there are such flower roads, and theaters where opera can also be performed are still unusual todayabout.

Well, I went to the small hall from behind the scenes from here.

It seems that the place where the performers who are waiting for their turn wait is where this place is called "good gathering". I guess this air in the performance is drifting with tight spirit.

As I walked back yard … I arrived at the small hall earlier. This is one of the dressing houses where the performers who appear in the small hall are used. While imagining the appearance of making a makeup in front of the mirror …,. I can not enter usually, so I was excited and excited and I was shooting the dressing room as well.

And we arrived at the small hall! Suddenly a "pipe organ" appears in front of me.

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This small hall used in pipe organ and chamber music concerts is 13 meters in frontage, 7.4 meters in height, 6.6 meters in depth and very compact compared to the big hall. But it is wonderful! Can you feel a direct sound on your skin? … It is said that breathing is transmitted … It is a hall with a different charm from the big stage.

This pipe organ was built by the organ builder of Johannes Kreis (German organizers) in Germany in accordance with the opening in January 1975. It is the first pipe organ in Japan that was established in the public hall. Basically a pipe organ ~ This is a so-called Japanese name only, strictly just "organ", one unit is made for each building, considering the size, height, building materials and environment etc. There seems to be a lot of things. There are not two same things. Only one organ in the world is waiting for you at this small hall of "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall"!

I was very lucky this day that I got into the interview shooting. Because……

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Once a month, using about 30 minutes of lunch break on weekdays, she also appeared in numerous concerts both in Japan and abroad, including "Organ / Promenade Concert" planned to be familiar with the organ. Yumiko Ogino who is also the "Kanagawa Prefectural Hall · Advaser" was coincidentally came because of the organ playing! The organ is a delicate creature. In order to be able to produce the original sound of a musical instrument always in the best condition, it is necessary to "play in" between the concerts. It was a great opportunity, so I actually played it, and I also got a chance about the charm of this small hall. (Ogino, responding with suddenly "Please comment!" With a smile, thank you so much !!!)

"The attraction of this small hall is that the distance to the customer is close. Since the audience seats are set at the same height as the theater, it is a unique feature that you can see the appearance of playing the organ carefully in the vicinity. Organist is a lovely space where you can feel customers and customers can feel organists together close to them "(Yumiko Ogino)

Starting from the entrance lobby, we interviewed plenty of view spots overlooking Yokohama Harbor, the big hall, behind the scenes and small halls. Architecture is also wonderful, rediscovering new charm that I did not notice until now! This year is the 40th anniversary of the opening! Memorial aWe also have vent available, so please do come and see.

And the performance of Yumiko Ogino who appeared is here! Why do not you try to wrap yourself in the majestic and beautiful organ sound before entering Christmas performance?
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Congratulation! Opening 40th anniversary!
Organ · Promenade · Concert vol.346
[Period] December 11, 2015 (Friday)
【Time】 12: 20 ~ (12:00 opening)
【Venue】 Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Small Hall
【Appearance】 Yumiko Ogino (Organ)
【Fare】 (All seats free) Free
※ Entrance to preschool children is not allowed.
【Inquiries】 Venue 045-633-3798

Kanagawa Prefectural Hall

In 1975, in the privileged environment such as Yamashita Park, Yokohama Port, Chinatown and so on, it was born as a biggest cultural facility nationwide, as a space to become familiar with international level of music, performing arts and art.
Mainly on artists active in the world, we hold fulfilling performances and are working on the creation and promotion of art culture.

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