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What is "Mugcal"?

In Kanagawa Prefecture, we are promoting efforts of magnets · culture, abbreviated "Magcal", which attract people by the charm of cultural arts and create bustle of the area. Here, we introduce Megarle 's efforts, which the prefecture conducts mainly.

"Sukiyaki Song" World Dissemination Project

Composition by Hakka Nakamura, Yuki Nakamura, who is familiar with Kanagawa, "Let's walk up (SUKIYAKI)" has recorded 1st place in the American hit chart and is still singing around the world. A concert by contemporary artists singing and playing such famous songs of Showa was held.
Many people gathered in masterpieces that are sung over generations and created a bustle of the area.

Kanagawa Musical Summit 2016

In order to foster the momentum to promote citizen musicals by securing a place for presentation of citizen musical groups in the prefecture and human resource development, and providing opportunities for musical appreciation widely to the citizens, as a more familiar cultural art, 4 groups in the prefecture Held a musical summit at the Youth Center.
Citizen musical groups in the prefecture interacted and also many people appreciated the citizen musicals.

「ナミとチャル文明開化は横須賀から始まった!」の一幕 「『アリス』不思議の国のアリスより」の一幕

Magal · Performing Arts · Academy

Over the course of about a year, we started a course to learn practical songs, dances and acting lessons by leading lecturers "Magcal · Performing Arts · Academy" and tackled the training of performing arts talent.
In this performance "Byteshow YOKOHAMA ~ Seishun hen" by students who took lessons, we appealed the attractiveness of performing arts to many people, including those aiming for success in the performing arts in the future.

マグカル・パフォーミングアーツ・アカデミー マグカル・パフォーミングアーツ・アカデミー


Artist-in-residence is a business where domestic and foreign artists stay in the community and work artists through exchanges with residents. The prefecture was co-sponsored with 3 organizations operating in various areas in the prefecture in FY2008.

ラトビアからの参加アーティスト、アスナテ・ボッチキスさんは日本とラトビアの共通点として松の木に着目 マーティン・ランズさん、アースラ・イーグリーさん

National High School Street Dance Battle

Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office This main building is designated as the first nationally registered tangible cultural asset in the prefecture and is familiar with the nickname "King tower" as an attractive building in Kanagawa, Yokohama. At the "Japan Avenue" facing this main building, high school students inside and outside the prefecture held a hot dance battle to announce the results of their daily efforts and activities. 7,000 spectators came and brought a big crowd.

全国高等学校ストリートダンスバトル 全国高等学校ストリートダンスバトル

Outdoor theater "Hitachi Boukai" (Hitachi Board)

I played a masterpiece of playwright Akimoto Matsushiro from Kanagawa Prefecture at Shirakaba Shrine (Fujisawa shi) that is familiar with the work. About two hundred people watched it in two days, and I was able to create a bustle in the area.
Also, college students in Kanagawa Prefecture did the work from behind to performances, which led to the training of performing arts talent.

野外演劇「常陸坊海尊(ひたちぼうかいそん)」 野外演劇「常陸坊海尊(ひたちぼうかいそん)」

Kanagawa Kamome short movie festival

We held a short film theater festival by selected theatrical organizations from all over the country and abroad at the KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater. One piece per group was performed in 20 minutes and we enjoyed a variety of works with various variety.
As a place to interact with theater groups, we also invited Korean and Taiwanese theater as guests and also became a place of international exchange.

神奈川かもめ短編演劇祭 神奈川かもめ短編演劇祭

Kanagawa Prefecture Theater Musical Competition Competition

Regional color rich musical contest "Local Theater * Musical Competition Competition Competition" that includes local legends and folktales in the subject so that more people can connect to "appreciation opportunities" and "participation opportunities" of cultural arts. "has been held.
On the day, more than 700 visitors came and got a very popular reception.
* "Theater theater" meaning the region's departure from the region's history, tradition and culture root is the coined word by Mr. Nishikawa Ryujin Nishikawa, who is a marketing consultant serving as Kanagawa prefecture Magcal · table chairman.

神奈川県地劇ミュージカル公開コンペ 神奈川県地劇ミュージカル公開コンペ

Manufacturer of Magcall "Magar Theater"

In order to cultivate performing arts personnel aiming at the production and appearance of the stage work, we provide the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center as a place for youth presentation "Magcal Theater". We are also implementing "Magcal · Theater IN KAAT" which provides opportunities to organize excellent work groups at KAAT (Kanagawa Arts Theater) based on the "Magcal Theater" effort to discover and develop new talent .

Magcal table

We are setting up a magical table to get opinions and ideas from people with expertise and experience in cultural and artistic activities about the creation of crowded streets throughout the year and the development of wide area cultural art promotion measures.

マグカル・テーブル マグカル・テーブル



バイトショウ カナガワ リ・古典2016in小田原 サマーマグカルフェスタ2016

Through various efforts like this, we steadily proceeded to create bustle with McGal. Regarding "Mugaru", I would like people of the prefecture to know their name and efforts. . So, Magcal (Magcar dot net) will also link with Facebook · twitter, and will send various information such as regional information in Kanagawa Prefecture in real time. . In the future, we are planning to introduce Rugby World Cup 2019, Tokyo 2020 Towards the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will cooperate with municipalities and arts organizations working on various arts and civilizations and cooperate with the prefectural residents to disseminate to the world in the all Kanagawa towards the world. Please stay tuned.

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