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Your departure from the ordinary. An artistic town walk: "Modern Art Stroll"

It's feeling much like mid-autumn, a season perfect for artistic expression. Did you know that Kanagawa Prefecture has wonderful worlds of art just a short walk away? How about taking yourself on a short, but fabulous art excursion?

Text & illustration: Wakako Ishida
Article supervision: Arts Commission / Yokohama (Yokohama Arts Foundation)

 "Zushi"  Revel in the beach's all-new scenery
 "NIGHT WAVE - Light Wave Project - in ZUSHI"

NIGHT WAVE - Light Wave Project

Light up shows take place quite commonly these days, but I don't believe there have been shows that light up "only the sea waves". "NIGHT WAVE - Light Wave Project - in ZUSHI" is a media art expressed through light and waves in Zushi's beach. Using special blue LED lights, the work illuminates sea waves approximately 300 meters along the beach. Immerse yourself in the surreal atmosphere where the glowing waves will ease your stress as they gently ebb and flow.

Presenting an entirely new scenery, the beach of Zushi is sure to captivate both new visitors as well as local people who were used to the scenery.

NIGHT WAVE starts after sunset. Come and experience a dream-like blending of nature and light up art.

"NIGHT WAVE - Light Wave Project - in ZUSHI"
■Event period: October 8th (Sat) 2016 to the 10th (Mon / Holiday) Zushi Beach Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
March 2017 (currently planning) Zushi Beach Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
■Official website: http://www.zushitabi.jp/nw0913/index.html
Zushi strolling spot Misaki Donuts Zushi store

Misaki Donuts

Zushi branch of the popular donut shop (which has a total of five stores in Kanagawa Prefecture). The shop's numerous cute and delicious-looking donuts will easily draw your attention. All of the donuts are made to bring out the most of their ingredients, and are mildly sweet with pleasant flavors. The most popular donut is "Lemon cream cheese", which combines refreshing lemon peels and cream cheese, an irresistible treat for cheesecake lovers.
The shop has an eat-in space, so you can stop by and have a snack as part of your stroll.

■Business hours: from 10:00 to 18:00
■Open: everyday
■Address: White & Gray Building 5 1F 6-5-1 Zushi, Zushi-shi
■Access: 3 minute walk from Keikyu Shinzushi Station
■TEL: 046-876-9981

Zushi strolling spot umibe cafe

umibe cafe

This is the place you want to stop by before walking to the beach around sunset: a coffee shop just 100 meters away from the Zushi beach - "umibe cafe". The owner is a former magazine editor, whose fine taste is shown in his collection of books and small items in the bookshelves. The shop uses coffee beans from "Café vivement dimanche", a long-standing store in Kamakura, from "Cafe Rosso", a shop in Shimane run by a barista who is an international competition semi-finalist, and from "Aalto Coffee", a cafe in Tokushima that is especially known for its published works, coffee lectures, and more. Only at umibe cafe can you taste coffee from all of three cafes with a month's interval in between.
Refresh your day with a cup of rich-tasting coffee, and walk along the beach close to sunset to spend an extraordinary day at Zushi.

■Business hours: 11:00~18:00 *Closes around 17:00 during Autumn and Winter season
■Closed: every Wednesday, and second and fourth Tuesdays every month
■Address: 2-2-16 Shinjuku, Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture
■Access: 10 minute walk from JR Zushi Station, and Keikyu Shin-Zushi Station
■TEL: 046-845-9209

 "Fujisawa" Artists present their works at Fujisawa!
 Fujisawa City Art Space Artists in FAS 2016
 Resident Production Results Presentation

Mayu Hirota's Production Environment Mayu Hirota's Production Environment Mayu Hirota's Production Environment "Mayu Hirota's Production Environment"

Fujisawa City Art Space was opened in 2015 (nickname: FAS).
Built with exhibition rooms, workshop rooms, and residence rooms, the building was intended to promote culture and art in Fujisawa by offering activity space to young artists.

The upcoming "Artists in FAS 2016" is one of the major programs by FAS that provides artists with space for production, exhibition, and presentation. We have picked four artists from applicants from all over Japan, and one artist who was awarded the 8hotel prize.

Atsuko Nakamura Production Environment "Atsuko Nakamura Production Environment"

Each artist spends up to 2 months while staying and working in FAS, creating their own unique artworks for later presentation. Come and listen to the young artists who convey their messages and speak about their memorable time in Fujisawa through their works.

"Selected artists"
・Satoshi Kawata
・Atsuko Nakamura
・Mayu Hirota
・Taro Furukata
"8hotel awardee artist"

Artists in FAS 2016
■Event period: October 8 (Sat) 2016 to November 20 (Sun)
■Hall 1: FAS residence room - Result presentation by resident artists
Fujisawa City Art Space Exhibition Room 6F Common Space
Closed on Mondays (if Monday is Holiday, the hall will be closed also for the following Tuesday)
■Hall 2: Result presentations by 8hotel prize-winning artists
8hotel(1-5 Kugenumahanazawacho, Fujisawa) Room 807
*Please see the staff at 8hotel front desk to request admission.
■Fee: Free for both hall 1 and hall 2
Fujisawa City Art Space (FAS)
■Address: Cocco Terrace Shonan 6F 2-2-2 Tsujido Kandai, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
■TEL: 0466-30-1816
Tsujido strolling spot S-46 Beer Market

S-46 Beer Market

The restaurant & beer bar offers a wide variety of menus and beer. Besides having every single variety of Shonan beer, the restaurant offers 12 different craft beer for your taste. The restaurant is also known for its wide variety of foods that are served in large portions to sate your lunchtime appetite, as well as small side dishes if you want a quick bite. The restaurant is great for single guests as well as families, who want to dine in a casual setting.

S-46 Beer Market

Inside the shop is a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, with artworks that will spark interesting conversations.

■Business hours: lunch / 11:30 to 15:00 (last order by 14:30), dinner / 17:00 to 24:00 (last order by 23:00)
■Closed: on the 3rd Wednesday every month
■Address: Peony Shonan 1F 13-4 Akamatsucho, Chigasaki
■Access: 2 minute walk from Tsujido Station West Exit
■TEL: 0467-38-7799

 "Yokohama" The season for art, Autumn!
 Spend a relaxing day in Yokohama enjoying the town's art works

With numerous art spots in the city, Yokohama is a great location for short trips. From art museums to small galleries, the city is full of vibrant works for you to see. After all, it's a great season for taking strolls. How about taking yourself on a relaxing walk to see the town's art?

Yokohama Art Museum "BODY/PLAY/POLITICS" Exhibition

From October 1 (Sat) 2016 to December 14 (Wed)

Yokohama Art Museum BODY/PLAY/POLITICS Exhibition

"BODY/PLAY/POLITICS" exhibition proposes to rethink our differences in our bodies, such as skin color, ethnicity, and religion, through the medium of art. A total of 6 artists from Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Japan have gathered to present their perspectives on the theme, "body".

Featured artworks include works by Yinka Shonibare MBE, a Nigerian artist who was born in Lagos, who is famous for his paintings and sculptures that deal with subjects such as race, social class, and colonialism. There will also be works by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, a budding film director from Thai known for winning the Palme d'Or prize at Cannes Film Festival with his film, "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010)", as well as photos by Ryuichi Ishikawa, the winner of the Kimura Ihei Photo prize and the Best Young Artist award by The Photographic Society of Japan. His works consist of Okinawan sceneries as well as pictures of people that harbor an air of dramatic tension.

According to the Yokohama Art Museum website, " "BODY", presents a firm will to face history as it surfaces, and yield a new meaning as we meet our future." In an era where individuals are required to respect an unprecedented degree of diversity, the exhibition seems likely to bring a considerable amount of change to our values as we acquire new perspectives about our "BODY", a fundamental idea to our diverse world.

"Main artists to be featured"
・Yinka Shonibare MBE
・Yee I-Lann
・Apichatpong Weerasethaku
・Uudam Tran Nguyen
・Ryuichi Ishikawa
・Yuichiro Tamura

■Event period: October 1 (Sat) 2016 to December 14 (Wed)
■Hours: 10:00~18:00 *Open until 20:30 on October 28 (Fri) (last entry by 30 minutes prior to closing)
■Closed: on Thursdays, and November 4 (Fri) *Open on November 3 (Thurs / Holiday) 2016 with free admission
■Fees: General 1,500 yen / College students, high school students 1,000 yen / Middle school students 600 yen / Elementary school students or younger free / 65 or older 1,400 yen
■Yokohama Art Museum official website: http://yokohama.art.museum/index.html

Koganecho Bazaar 2016 Asian Life

From October 1 (Sat) 2016 to Novermber 6 (Sun)

Koganecho Bazaar 2016  Asian Life Asian Life by Sung Jun Yoo: "Daily Discoveries" 2016

Started in 2008, "Koganecho Bazaar" is now being held for the 9th time. Koganecho, Yokohama, is currently forming associations between the citizens, politicians, police, universities, etc. for "urban development with art" with the goal to create "a safe and reliable town". This time, the event will be centered on two projects: "Art project" by Japanese as well as foreign artists who will be portraying their experience in Koganecho, and "Town project" with residents who will be rediscovering the charms of the town.
Further, the town will feature works by various artists from Koganecho, some of whom will open their studios to the public, to help visitors have a satisfying art tour experience in the area.

Besides featuring a variety of exhibitions, the event will also include exciting events like "Nokisaki Art Fare & Kogancho Bread and Coffee Marché / October 9 (Sun)", and "Pike Mackerel Festival / October 16 (Sun)" and much more!

If you walk from Koganecho to Hinodecho, you will come across old fashioned Western-style restaurants as well as a dried bonito wholesale shop that opened in Showa 20 (1945). Walking alongside Ooka River in front of Hinode Studio, you will be able to find a viewing spot on a bridge that offers a splendid view of the town's landmark tower. Although Koganecho is not exactly well-known among tourists, it is a much-anticipated town with budding culture and art in Yokohama. We suggest taking a relaxing stroll around the town on a bright day, to feast your eyes on the town's charming art works.

"Featured artists"
・康 雅筑(Kan Yachu)
・Nana Tsugawa
・曹 明浩+陳 建軍(Minghao Cao, Jianjun Chen)
・Yokohama City University - Suzuki Laboratory
・Nishikura Architectural Design Office - Kiyoshi Nishikura
・Atsushi Watanabe
and more.

Visit here for details→http://koganecho.net/koganecho-bazaar-2016/artist/

Koganecho Bazaar 2016 Asian Life
■Event period: October 1 (Sat) 2016 to Novermber 6 (Sun)
■Fees: Passport 500 yen *the passport allows the holder to enter exhibitions as many times as they want during the event period.
■Official website: http://koganecho.net/koganecho-bazaar-2016/

BankART Studio NYK "Yukinori Yanagi Wondering Position" Exhibition

From October 14 (Fri) 2016 to December 25 (Sun)

Yukinori Yanagi Wondering Position Exhibition

BankART Studio NYK Fifth in the private exhibition series using all of the building: Yukinori Yanagi exhibition.

Characterized by his powerful and humorous works in his early days, Yukinori Yanagi has participated in numerous international exhibitions. His collection was featured in MoMA, as well as in many art museums, beginning with Yokohama Art Museum. Also known for his 10-year-long Inujima Project, Yukinori Yanagi is an artist who is active both in Japan and abroad.

This time, while focusing mostly on his most famous work, "The World Flag Ant Farm", the exhibition will feature his latest works in the entire NYK building.

The World Flag Ant Farm (1990), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles The World Flag Ant Farm (1990), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles

Talks, live performances, exhibitions in other galleries, and other related projects are available. Visit the official website for details.

BankART Studio NYK
■Event period: October 14 (Fri) 2016 to December 25 (Sun)
■Fees: General: 1,200 yen / College student, vocational school student, Yokohama citizen or resident: 900 yen / high school student, 65 or older: 600 yen
*Guest with handicap handbook - with 1 more guest; middle schoolers and younger: free
Catalog-included entrance fee: General: 3,000 yen / College student, vocational school student, Yokohama citizen (or resident): 2,800 yen / High school student, 65 or older: 2,700 yen
■Official website: http://bankart1929.com/archives/1079

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery
5Rooms - 5 private exhibitions that will spark all five senses

From December 19 (Mon) 2016 to January 21 (Sat) 2017

Harumichi Saito Awai 2016 Harumichi Saito "Awai" 2016

Ever since it opened in 1975, Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery has been actively introducing works by various modern artists to the public. Starting from December, the exhibition will include works of porcelain, lacquer, photographs, silk screen, installations, as well as unique and creative works by 5 different new artists.
"We have picked 5 artists whose works had a distinguishably intuitive impact, instead of seeking artists that consciously conformed to our theme." (from the press release 5Rooms - 5 private exhibitions that will spark all five senses).
Although we live in a modern world in which art, such as paintings and sculptures, are influenced by thought and calculation, we would like this exhibition to be a space where people can intuitively experience things that are expressed in the most pure sense, without being deterred by forms.

Junko Maruyama HighSea Land 2013
Junko Maruyama "Highsealand" 2013
  • "Featured artists"
  • ・Eri Dewa
  • ・Satoshi Someya
  • ・Harumichi Saito
  • ・Kouseki Ono
  • ・Junko Maruyama

Related projects

■Artist talks
December 24 (Sat) 2016 Eri Dewa, Kouseki Ono
January 7 (Sat) 2017 Junko Maruyama
January 15 (Sun) 2017 Satoshi Someya, Harumichi Saito

■Art appreciation workshop with visually impaired guests
Normal guests will go through 5 galleries with visually impaired guests.
January 9 (Mon) 2017 10:00〜12:30 / January 14th (Sat) 10:00〜12:30

Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery 5Rooms - 5 private exhibitions that will spark all five senses
■Event period: December 19 (Mon) 2016 to January 21st (Sat) 2017
■Hours: 10:00〜18:00 *Closed from December 30 (Fri) to January 4th (Wed)
■Entrance fee: General - 700 yen / Student or guests over 65 - 500 yen / High school students or younger - free
■Official website: http://www.kanakengallery.com/detail?id=34581
Koganecho strolling spot Mamena Cafe


Located near Koganecho Artbook Bazaar, the small cafe is situated near Hinodecho Station. The cafe serves healthy dishes made with seasonal vegetables and tofu, as well as carefully-brewed coffee, that will soothe both your mind and body.

Despite having a small and cozy interior, the cafe has a wide variety of menus, including pasta and BLT sandwich for lunch, as well as desserts (cakes, parfaits, and even dorayaki!). During evenings, the shop serves gapao rice, octopus rice, handmade tofu, deep-fried tofu, and more.
On "tofu day" (October 2nd (Sun)), the shop holds tofu-eating contest (reservation required). Be sure to contact the store if you're interested.

■Business hours: 11:00〜22:00
■Closed on: Thursdays
■Address: 101 Aurora Weeks 1-66-2 Hinodecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
■Access: Turn right after exiting Hinodecho Station turnstile and walk for 3 minutes
■TEL: 045-326-6759

 "And there's more!" Kanagawa Prefecture town art tour

●"Zushi" Zushi Art Festival

Event period: (first phase) October 8th (Sat) 2016 to November 6th (Sun)
(second phase) from November 19th (Sat) 2016 to November 27th (Sun)
An art festival featuring works by citizens, as well as music, live performances, workshops, and more.

●"Sagamihara" 042 art area project 2016 SUPER OPEN STUDIO (Art Lab Hashimoto and more)

Event period: October 15th (Sat) 2016 to November 6th (Sun) 2016 *Closed on Wednesdays; studio is open to public only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
Modern artists open their studio to the public during the event period in Sagamihara city, known for having numerous art universities, for exhibitions, as well as live production, performance and more interesting programs.

Many art events take place all over the city in Autumn. If you're not sure where to go, we suggest visiting the city first. You can expect plenty of exciting and memorable encounters.

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