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Steep slope studio

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Tsukuru ――Rehearsal hall that is not just for rehearsals ――
The steep slope studio has a hall and three studios that can be used for a long period of up to two months. And we have a community room that can be used from 3 hours. In addition, we hold plans as needed to stimulate the creative activities of users and provide backup. The steep slope studio is "a rehearsal hall that is not just rehearsals".

Hagukumu-Resident Artist-
Kyunasaka Studio will support the creators' constant creative activities and make every effort to create a better creative environment. We also welcome resident artists as partners who can think together and take on new challenges. In addition, we will also develop and accumulate human resources who will be responsible for the next generation of performing arts, such as dramaturges, creators, and engineers, and explore and propose the ideal way of creation and presentation unique to Yokohama.

Collecting --Art Platform -
Kyunasaka Studio creates a place for interaction and dialogue that transcends genres and generations as a platform for people and information through performing arts. In particular, by boldly utilizing existing local resources such as the town of Noge and nearby cultural facilities, as well as the human resources and ideas unique to Kyunasaka Studio, we propose and realize a unique project in which the government, NPOs, artists, and citizens collaborate. I will continue.

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    3rd Monday of every month / New Year holidays / Summer vacation
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