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  • 茅崎市美术馆
  • 茅崎市美术馆
  • 茅崎市美术馆
  • 茅崎市美术馆

茅崎拥有温暖的气候,被许多艺术家和文化人物所喜爱,作为别墅和休闲区。他们活跃在这个特权环境中,并留下了许多出色的作品。茅崎市艺术博物馆于1998年4月开放,旨在广泛介绍这些本地艺术家和展览作品,并支持市民的创意活动。建造博物馆的高砂琉球公园曾经是川上音次郎和明治时代以Oppekepe片段而闻名的新演员Sadato太太以及商人Yasaburo Hara的住所,但仍然保留了过去的景色。我是。公园内还有一个全尺寸的日式花园,在四个季节中到处都是绿色,是市民休闲放松的地方,是城市的主要景点之一。

  • Address
    1-4-45 Higashikaigankita, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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  • Business Hour
    (Summer: April-October) 10: 00-18: 00, (Winter: November-March) 10: 00-17: 00 * Admission is 30 minutes before closing. [Closed days] Mondays (the next day if it is a national holiday, the day after next is closed), the day after the national holiday (if the next day is a holiday, the first weekday after that), the year-end and New Year holidays (12 / 28-1 / 3), temporary closed days (Days for maintenance and inspections and exhibition changes)
  • Parking Area
    There is a free parking lot for the museum on the side of Takasago Dori. Please use public transportation as the number of cars that can be accommodated (10 cars, large vehicles are not allowed) is small. If the car is full, please use the nearby toll parking lot. For large vehicles (length 6m or more), please use the municipal parking lot on the north side of JR Chigasaki Station. If you come by bicycle or motorcycle, please use the bicycle parking space in the museum parking lot.