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Other Theater / dance
Summer performance! Bon dancing, fair days ... check summer festivals in Kanagawa prefecture here!

I will introduce the summer festival to be held in Kanagawa prefecture in the future. Under the lantern, everyone dancing in a circle Bon dancing. In stalls and night-shops where various kinds of shops are connected, both adults and children are crazy! In addition, we want to go out feeling easily with a yukata or T-shirt appearance such as a "cold festival" loved locally while it is small but this summer recommendation "Summer festival" was collected!

****** The following event has ended ******
◉ (Fujisawa city) 【The 12th Tsujido Kaihin Bon Odori "Tsu no Bon"】
◉ (Odawara City) 【The 27th Odawara Lantern Summer Festival】
◉ (Minami-ku, Yokohama City) 【The 43rd South Festival】
◉ (Fujisawa-shi) 【13th Fujisawa inn · a train of traveling】
◉ (Kamakura City) 【6th Bamboo Dance Competition】
◉ (Ebina City) 【The 9th Shrimp Bon Dancing Festival 2018】
◉ (Kawasaki City) 【Rice Bon Dance Competition】
◉ (Kawasaki City) 【The 42nd New Ichinari-machi Kai Buddhist Bon Dance Competition】
◉ (Zushi City) 【The 18th Bon Festival Bon Festival Tournament】
◉ (Sagamihara City) 【67th Hashimoto Tanabata Festival】
◉ (Chigasaki-shi) 【31st Night Market at All Things】
◉ (US Army Camp Zama in Japan) 【59th Japan-US Goodwill Bon Dance Competition】
◉ (Naka Ward, Yokohama City) 【Motomachi Ichushima Shrine Summer Festival】
◉ (Naka Ward, Yokohama City) 【Honmokuwada Bon Odori】
◉ (Minamiashigara) 【The 42nd Ashizoni Kintaro Festival】
◉ (Atsugi city) 【72th Atsugi Ayu Festival】
◉ (Sagamihara City) 【Festival of Fujino】
◉ (Asahi Ward, Yokohama City) 【The 38th Wakabadai Summer Festival】
◉ (Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi) 【Ground Self Defense Force Yokohama garrison festival area festival】
◉ (Kawasaki City) 【Summer Festival in Lazona】
◉ (Kawasaki City) 【Summer festival of CITTA '】
◉ (Samukawa-cho, Takasa-gun) 【Summer festival of Tsumugawa】
◉ (Miura-gun Hayama-cho) 【Bon dance on the beach of Morito】
◉ (Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi) 【Yumoto Fujiya Hotel Bon Odori Tournament】
◉ (Hadano City) 【Ureshino Bon Odori】