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Yokohama Museum of Art "100 Years From Monet" Ticket Gifts!

(TOP image) Claude Monet "Water lily" 1906 Oil on canvas, Canvas Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. (deposited at Yamagata Art Museum)

Approximately 100 years since Claude Monet, the Impressionist's leading painter, began making large decorative paintings of "Water Lilies" which will be the compilation of paintings. Monet's work, which has been drawn to the landscape and continues to draw, will fascinate us until today.

A dynamic line. Echoing colors. I can capture the moment of flickering light and atmosphere. The spread of "water lily" which makes me think that the image drawn is going beyond the screen conversely by the close-up like going over into the landscape – the nature and originality of such Monet's painting is modern It has been handed down to various writers in various forms.

This exhibition brings together 25 paintings from Monet's early to late years and 66 paintings, prints, photographs and images by 26 artists of the later generation, highlighting the connection beyond the era of both. And not only to the title "Maestro of Impressionism" but also to the rich charm of Monet's art still living.

Why are you fascinated by Monet 's paintings? Through this exhibition, I hope that you will find reasons for each "love".

Claude Monet "Ville's Landscape" 1883 Oil on canvas, private collection © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images

Claude Monet "Water lily, reflection of water plants" 1914 – 17 Oil painting, canvas namad · collectionNan (Monaco)

Monet 100 years since then
[Date and time] July 14 (Saturday) – September 24 (Monday · holiday) 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
* However, the entrance will be closed until 20:30 on Friday, August 17, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday, Up to 30 minutes before.
[Closed days] Thursday (8/16 opened)
[Venue] Yokohama Museum of Art
[Rate] General ¥ 1,600, University / High School student ¥ 1,200, Junior High School student ¥ 600, Elementary school student or less free, over 65 years old ¥ 1,500 (required certificate, only at museum ticket offices), Persons with disabled person Person (1 person) Free
* As long as it is on the day of viewing, you can also view the " Yokohama Museum Collection Exhibition " at the "100 Years after Monet" ticket.
[Organizer] Yokohama Museum of Art, Tokyo Newspaper, TV Asahi
[TEL] 03-5777-8600 (Hello dial)

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◆ Gallery talk by curator (future schedule) ◆
[Date and time] 14: 00 ~ 14: 30 on Friday, August 31, Saturday, September 15 18: 30-19: 00
[Venue] Yokohama Museum Art Exhibition Room
[Price] Free (Prior application unnecessary, an effective ticket valid for the day is required)


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Yokohama Museum of Art

The Yokohama Museum of Art opened in 1989 with the aim of contributing to the appreciation of modern and contemporary art and the creative activities of citizens and helping to create a rich civic culture.
As an art gallery suitable for an international port city, Yokohama, we focus on the arts since the opening of Yokohama in 1859, we strive to collect works and hold exhibitions. Among them, the photo forms an excellent collection unique to Yokohama, one of the major bases in the photo excitement period in Japan. (Shooting: Yasuyuki Kasagi)

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