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"Kumamoto Mari × Mizoguchi Kei-Concert with a Tour ~" Ticket Present

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An international pianist known as passionate pianist, Kumamoto Mari, and a composer of the theme music "From the window of the world," a masterpiece of the world played by Kei Mizoguchi, a cellist and cellist. We will deliver the fascinating music of the piano and cello along with the light talk. Come on, travel to the world of music together!

Kumamoto Mali × Mizoguchi Kei ~ Concert to travel with music ~
[Date and time] Feb. 9, 2019 (Sat) 14:00-(Open at 13:30)
[Venue] Lion culture plaza hall Nagisa hall
[Casts] Kumamoto Mari (piano), Ryo Mizoguchi (cello)
[Circle] Akira Mizoguchi: From the window of the world, Morricone: New Cinema Paradise, Piazzora: Libertango, Saint-Sa ン ス ns: Swan, etc.
※ There is a case to change the song. Please note.
[Fee] (all seats specified) ¥ 3,500
[Ticket sale]
■ Gyoza culture plaza hall 1F window (visit) 9: 00-20: 00 /
Telephone reservation TEL. 046-870-6622 (9: 00-20: 00) /
WEB reservation from this !
[TEL] 046-870-6622 (Saiko Culture Plaza Hall)
※ Please refrain from admission for preschoolers.


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    Nagisa Hall
    【555 seats, 3 other wheelchair seats, parent and child seats】
    The hall is equipped with acoustic reflectors, variable reverberation curtains, movable proscessions, and can be used versatilely regardless of genre such as music, theater and dance.

    Nagisa Hall dressing room 1 capacity 10 people (approximately 29 square meters) Western-style room
    Nagisa Hall dressing room 2 capacity 5 people (approximately 14 square meters) Western-style room
    Nagisa Hall backstage 3 capacity 4 people (about 14 square meters) Western-style room
    ※ 3 dressing room with toilet and shower

    Sazanami Hall
    [About 160 seats / stage about 52 square meters, audience seat 102 square meters]
    This is a versatile space that can be used for a wide range of theaters, lectures and exhibitions, as it is a liftable stage (height: 70 cm from flat). There are 160 seating chairs and 30 seminar tables.

    Sazanami Hall dressing room 1 capacity 12 people (approximately 26 square meters) Japanese-style room 12 tatami
    Sazanami Hall dressing room 2 capacity 9 people (approximately 24 square meters) Western-style room

    [Approximately 72 square meters, width 12m, depth 6m]
    It is a space integrated with the entrance of the Hall Building, and is suitable for the display and presentation of works of art such as paintings, calligraphy, photographs and crafts.

    • Shop / Place name
      Lion culture plaza hall
    • Address
      Kanagawa Prefecture Shishi City Shishiko 4-2-10
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      9:00-22:00 [Closed day] 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (the next day when it falls on national holiday), December 29-January 3
    • Parking Area
      Yes ※ Culture Plaza Hall offers 30 parking lots. One of them is a parking space for disabled people. In addition, business hours of culture plaza parking lot are from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm. This parking lot is limited to the use of culture plaza. In addition, business hours of adjacent Shimizubashi south parking lot are from 7 am to 21:00. As for the rate, parking fee for up to 1 hour becomes free only for culture plaza parking lot and Shimizubashi south parking lot for person using Plaza Hall, so please report to hall window. In addition, we have received 150 yen every 30 minutes after 1 hour has passed. There is a limited number of parking lots, so use public transportation whenever possible.