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"Kanagawari classic in Chigasaki" performance ticket present

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We planned to appear, Mr. Kumamoto Mari (pianist, Kanagawa Prefecture Ambassador Magkal) will not be able to appear for health reasons, and will be changed to Mr. Okuda (Puchanist).


Okuda Atsushi (Okuda · Yu)

Composer / pianist. Graduated from National Music University Composition Course. Engaged in many Japanese music works using Japanese musical instruments while at university. In addition to making musicals, recitations, straight plays and many other stage music such as musicals, he has also been active in many fields as a music director for live shows and dinner shows.
Main composition work in recent years: The stage "Jujirani Onsen no dawn no hotel" (The 60th Kishida Kunishi Drama Award / The 71st Cultural Agency Art Festival Excellence Award), the stage "if you live with father" (Sapporo Re: Z Grand Prize) ), The musical "Tsukuribanashi" (2017 young director's contest best award), the musical "Robin Goodfellow of hairy bridge", commission work of Kioi Hall "Rhapsody by the folk song of Kumamoto" Jojoho section "" The lullaby of Itsuki "" and others

If you would like a ticket refund due to sick absence from Kumamoto Mari, please go to the store where you purchased it. (From February 19 (Tuesday) to February 23 (Sat) 14 o'clock, 2019)


The “Kanagawari Classic in Chigasaki”, which brings new light to the traditional culture remaining in various places in Kanagawa Prefecture, will be held at Chigasaki Citizen's Cultural Center from 2:00 pm on February 23 (Saturday).

With the 6th Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games scheduled to be held this time, the number of visitors to Japan is expected to increase in the future.In order to make it easier to understand Japanese traditional culture that Japanese people are highly interested in, we will combine them with the latest digital visuals and transmit them in an unprecedented way.

It is an outline of the event, but the first part is the performance of folk songs by the fusion of classical music and horizontal chopsticks by the pianist Magcar ambassador of this prefecture, Kumamoto Mari, and Yokosuka player Takao Fujisha (part 2) As a performance by the folk entertainment group of Chigasaki city connection including the Yanagishima Enkoro Bushi.

In the second part, hip hop artist "DJ Miso and MC Rice" will also be on stage, delivering a stage for children and adults to enjoy.

About Kanagawari / Classic Project
The “Kanagawari Classic Project” is an effort to use “Kanagawa Prefecture's traditional culture related to Kanagawa Prefecture” with a new idea, and to transmit “Re (Re, Li)” as a cultural art that lives in the present age.

Kanagawari ・ classic in Chigasaki
~ ~ I want to tell you, revival scenery ~
[Date and time] February 23 (Sat) 14:00-(Open at 13:00)
[Venue] Chigasaki City Cultural Hall Large Hall
[Cast artist] Okuda Satoshi, Fujisa Takao
[Guest Artist] DJ Miso Toru MC
[ Attack ] Yanagishima Enkoro Section Preservation Society, Yanagishima University Fishing Boat Lifting Friendship Club, Serizawa Yaki Yone Preservation Society, South Lake Wheat Batter Preservation Society, Yaki Matsuri Preservation Society
[Fee] Adult ¥ 1,000, Junior high school student or less (Souvenir included) ¥ 300
※ One preschooler is free for one parent on one knee. However, even preschoolers need to pay a seat if necessary.
[Organizer] Inheritance of traditional culture of Kanagawa and creation project executive committee (Secretariat: Kanagawa Prefecture International Culture and Tourism Bureau Culture Division)
[TEL] 045-227-6062 (Secretariat / weekdays 10:00 to 17:30 ※ Closed on weekends and holidays)
* The official site is here !


Application of present was finished. Thank you for many applications.
【Application Summary】
Follow the Magal dot net official Twitter account " @ MAGCUL " and retweet, "Kanagawari classics in Chigasaki ~ held at Chigasaki Citizen's Cultural Hall Great Hall on February 23 (Sat) (started 14:00) We will give you a viewing ticket for "I want to tell you, a landscape that can be revived ~" for up to 10 families of 50 people (up to 5 people per family).

【Application method】
1. Magcal dot net official Twitter account " @ MPlease follow AGCUL.
2. Please retweet the post for the ticket present application with "# Re-classic 0223" posted during the application period below from the official Twitter account. The application is completed above.

[Application Deadline] Until Monday, February 18 24:00
※ The retweet made within the above period is eligible for application.

[Lottery, winning announcement]
Winners will be notified after the campaign period via Twitter's direct message from the Magcal.Dot official account.
Announcement of winning will be replaced by direct message of winning notification. At that time, we will confirm the applicant's name and contact information, so please reply directly to the direct message. In addition, please be aware that winning may be invalid if there is no reply to the direct message for a fixed period.
On the day of the event <February 23 (Saturday)>, please tell us the name of the applicant and the fact that you have won the "Magcal Dot Net Present" at the reception desk of the "Chigasaki City Cultural Hall Large Hall". The staff will give you a ticket.
※ You may be asked to present a direct message of winning a smartphone contact on the spot for identity verification. (If you do not have a smartphone, please print out and present a direct message)
※ We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than lottery.

【Eligibility / Conditions】
● Have a valid e-mail address.
● Magcal dot net Official Twitter account, following “ @MAGCUL ”.
※ If you cancel the follow-up before the announcement of winning, the application and winning will be void.
● To retweet the application tweets posted from the official Twitter account within the application period.
※ Please be sure to join with your account "public". If the account is not open, then joinIt will not be done.
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    The Chigasaki Citizen's Cultural Hall was opened in 1980 in order to have many people, including citizens, use it widely for events such as music and theater. Thanks to its opening, it has been used and visited by many people.

    After completion of earthquake proofing reinforcement and renewal work in October 2018, it became a facility where everyone can enjoy cultural art in a high-quality space with peace of mind. We look forward to the use and visit of many people in the future as a facility that will be loved by everyone in the future.

    • Shop / Place name
      Chigasaki City Cultural Center
    • Address
      Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 1-1 Chigasaki 1-1
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      9:00 to 9:00 ※ Facility use time is 9:00 to 22:00, 【Closed day】 4th Monday of every month / day that falls on a holiday is the next day, the year-end and New Year holidays
    • Credit Card
    • Parking Area
      Yes (paying <Times Chigasaki fourth parking lot>), 【Discount service】 The first hour is free if you pass a parking ticket to the reduction machine in the building (Common for Times Chigasaki first to fourth parking lot)
    • Reserve
      Yes (Direct application at the window on the opening day)