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Yokohama Noh Theater "barrier-free Noh" viewing ticket present!

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I want to deliver Noh and Kyogen to more people. This year is the 18th "Barrier-Free Noh" with such a wish. We aim to improve the barrier-free ability for many people by making improvements every year. We are looking forward to the arrival of many people, with support such as "One free assistant", "Braille", "Voice", "Sign language interpreter", "Subtitle distribution", etc. This time, the vengeful Buddhist priest was told to Kyogen "Tsuko" and the monk who helped Tengu's life. We will send you the Noh "Meeting" that shows the competition in the form of.

"Kyogen" Bus ""
The owner, who goes out for business, asks his servant Taro crown and Jiro crown to leave. The owners told them that what was in the tub was "Fuji", and it was deadly poison even if it was blown by the wind blowing there, so be careful not to come near. Turn on. However, when the owner goes out, Taro crowner says, "Let's see what Fuzushi looks like." I approached it with a fan so that the wind wouldn't come from the bushi, and opened the lid of the tub ... It is a famous song in Kyogen, and is also known as a poem.

"Noh" Meeting ""
A tengu appears in front of a monk on Mt. Hiei who lives in the west tower, and he says that he will give his wish to the gratitude for his life. The monk then wants to see how Buddha preached at Reishizan, and the tengu accepts it, but he should not consider it precious. He stood in that cedar forest with his eyes closed, and when he heard the voice of the Buddha, open his eyes and take a good look. As the monk closed his eyes and waited as the tengu said, the music echoed and a scene of solemn preaching appeared. The monks who saw this had tears in their eyes and worshiped unintentionally. Then Taishakuten appears, and if you dispel the magic of Tengu, the state of the sermon disappears. When Taishakuten was angry with Tengu's sorcery, Tengu escaped to the back of the valley. "alt =" "width =" 707 "height =" 1000 "/>

Yokohama Noh Theater Performance "Barrier Free Noh"
[Date and time] March 17th (Sunday) 14: 00- (13:00 opening / 15: 45 end)
[Venue] Yokohama Noh Theater
[Contents] Story: Taro Waku, Kyogen "Tsuko" (Izumi style) Ukon Miyake, Noh "Meeting" (Hosho style) Kimio Otsubo
[Fee] (all seats designated) S seat ¥ 4,000, A seat ¥ 3,500, B seat ¥ 3,000
* Up to one caregiver is free.
[Ticket sales] Please apply by phone, fax or email below.
[TEL] 045-263-3055 (Yokohama Noh Theater)
[FAX] 045-263-3031


The application for gifts has been completed. Thank you for many applications.
[Summary of application]
5 pairs of viewing tickets for "Barrier-free Noh" held at Yokohama Noh Theater on March 17 (Sunday) (starting at 14:00) by following and retweet the official Twitter account "@MAGCUL" of We will give it to 10 people.

【Application method】
1. Follow the official Twitter account "@MAGCUL" of
2. Retweet the post for ticket gift application with "# Bali No" posted from the official Twitter account during the following application period.Yes. The application is completed above.

[Application deadline] Until 24:00 on Wednesday, March 6
* Retweets made within the above period are eligible for application.

[Lottery / Winning announcement]
Winners will be notified via the Twitter direct message from the official net account after the campaign period.
Winning announcements will be replaced by direct message winning notifications. At that time, we will confirm the applicant's name and contact information, so please reply directly to the direct message. Please note that if you do not reply to the direct message for a certain period of time, the winning may be invalidated.
On the day of the event <3/17 (Sunday)>, please tell the applicant's name and “You have won the Magcal dot net present” at the venue reception desk at the venue “Yokohama Noh Theater”. The staff will give you a ticket.
* In order to confirm your identity, you may be asked to present a direct message on the spot to notify the winner of your smartphone. (If you do not have a smartphone, please print out and present the direct message.)
* We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than lottery.

[Application qualifications / conditions]
● Those who have a valid e-mail address.
● You must be following "@MAGCUL", the official Twitter account of
* If you cancel the follow-up before announcing the winning, the application / winning will be invalid.
● Retweet the application tweets posted from the official Twitter account within the application period.
* Please be sure to open your account and participate. If your account is private, you will not be considered a participant.
* If you have set to reject direct messages, you will not be considered as a participant.
* Citation retweets are not considered participation. Please join us by retweet.
● According to the specifications of Twitter, it may not be considered as participation in an account that does not have a profile, user name, self-introduction, icon, etc.
● Frequent actions (tweets, ritsAccounts that do not make (eats, likes, replies, etc.) may not be considered as participating due to Twitter specifications.
● After opening a Twitter account, an account that has not undergone the process of confirming that the email address belongs to you may not be considered as a participant due to Twitter specifications.

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