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演劇にかける熱い夏、クライマックス! 青少年のための芝居塾2019

A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

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The “play theater for youth” can be said to be a major summer event for the theater world of Kanagawa prefecture. Rehearsals are on the verge of preparation for this performance in late August.
This year's theater company is Marshmallow Wave, which is known for its style based on improvisational plays. 12 youths who have passed the audition are trying to make a play including the back and front of the stage.
A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

It's been about 3 months since the school opened in May. Inviting various guest instructors including Kenzo Kimura, who is the president of the school, has been trained and trained to learn theatrical expressions from a wide range of angles. We challenged the theater theory, workshops, physical theater using the body, stage lighting, and also the improvisational drama practice unique to Marshmallow Wave, and experienced the difficulty and fun of expressing.
A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

The stress-free event supported by the workshop is a music unit by Hideki Kobayashi (harp) and Eriko Yajima (flute). You can also play live music on the production stage.
A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances! The performance of this performance, which can be said to be the culmination of this summer, is "Gintetsu". This is a drama adaptation of Kenji Miyazawa's "Galaxy Railroad Night" for Mr. Kimura for a play school.
Let's launch the 3D world from the script characters. Kimura's voice echoes in the rehearsal hall.
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What kind of stage will the students of this year see? We visited the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Studio HIKARI, which is both a performance venue and a rehearsal venue, to hear the enthusiasm of the students.

A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!
Runa Nakagawauchi is a university student who studies Japanese literature and aims to become a teacher of Japanese language. I thought it would be fun to incorporate drama into my classes in the future, so I joined the theater school to acquire the “technology” for that purpose.

“It's fun for everyone to work together on one thing. In particular, the physical theater, which uses physical expressions without using words, was a very interesting experience. For me, who has no experience in dance, it can be expressed with one physical body. It's a great discovery."

A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

Kanokyo who plays a Giovanni in "Gintetsu" is followed by the second time participation in the last year.

“I enjoyed last year, but I wanted to experience the way a different troupe did, so I participated for the second year in a row. Mr. Kimura's method is very novel to me. I'll leave it to the actors to think for myself. I am glad that I was able to experience both.
"Gintetsu" is the "Galaxy Railway Night" that everyone has read at least once.Since it is the original work, I think that people who are not familiar with theater can enjoy it. There are 9 performances, so please come and see us! "

A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

Hyakune who is studying spatial design at an art university. In studying stage art, I wanted to acquire the ability to express myself, so I participated.

“It was my first experience making a stage under the direction of a director, so it was very inspiring. Since everyone is doing their best, I think about the meaning of the work slowly and bring back each of the “Gintetsu”, I think.
This time, I was in charge of advertising art and made flyers and posters. I intend to draw "Gintetsu" that I think with various motifs that appear in the story. "
A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

《Production Note》

Kenzo Kimura (drafting/directing)

A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

At the beginning, I had no clue what kind of people would gather, but when I opened the lid, there were all the talented people, including those who had no experience in the theater, so "this will be interesting".I'm sure.

At the opening school ceremony, there was a story saying, "Discard everything you have done up until now, and greedily absorb what you make here." That is because I want you to experience various things in a clean state. In fact, I think it's time to absorb anything, so I had them experience everything like a shower (laughs).
A climax in the hot summer of theatrical performances!

The original "Gintetsu" "Galaxy Railroad Night" is a work by Kenji Miyazawa in his later years, and it contains all the essence of Miyazawa's works up to that point. It's worth doing now because it was ahead of the times, or because it contained the theme of eternal immortality. If you would like to come to the performance, please take this opportunity to touch Miyazawa's work again. I think that “Ginetsu” will be more interesting if you watch it after purchasing a lot of background knowledge.

This year's performance will have 9 stages, so it will be a great experience for Juku students. I think that it will be an epoch-making activity in future expression activities, so I think it will be physically difficult, but I hope you will do your best to survive.

《We will deliver the passion of the acting students! 》

Performance school 2019 for youth
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*Opening 30 minutes before the start time. Reception starts 1 hour ago.
[Venue] Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center 2F Studio HIKARI
[Original] Kenji Miyazawa "Galaxy Railroad Night"
[Adjustment/Direction] Kenzo Kimura
[Cast] Hikari Ichikawa, Rui Ito, Kaoru Ozeki, Shiori Kato, Kotone Kaneko, Ryoko Kojima, Kanohashi, Runa Nakagawauchi, Hitomi Fujii, Rika Mizobe, Mimori Momo, Hyakune, Nozomu Horie, Shurin Kobayashi, Yajima. Eriko, Yutaka Kobashi
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