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The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present!

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In this exhibition, about 80 pieces of ancient ceramics and bronze ware from Japan and China will be exhibited in one place, and at the same time, the Persian pottery developed in exchange with China will be unveiled for the first time. Jomon pottery, which was created more than 10,000 years ago, was decorated with various methods such as pasting patterns, pasting clay strings, and openwork. You can find beauty that goes beyond the purpose of cooking and storing. It is believed that the unique clay figurines were also made in the same period and prayed for prosperity of the descendants and for good harvest. Haniwa, a person whose simple expression is attractive in contrast to the clay figurines, was created during the Kofun period (5th-6th centuries) and was placed on top of the tombs to recreate the ritual. On the other hand, Bronze ware from ancient China (17th century BC to 3rd century BC) is mainly used as a ritual instrument that enshrines the spirits of its ancestors.

This time, as an attempt unique to the museum that houses a wide range of Oriental art, there is also a corner where you can compare works from Japan and China. While paying attention to the shapes and patterns, let's compare Jomon pottery and bronze ware, Haniwa and Osa (the burial goods of the Chinese puppet, Hitata). Various DOKI earthenwares that you can feel when you are in eternity! Please feel

In addition, in the permanent exhibition, you can see about 400 items including paintings and ceramics such as Ito Jakuchu. Don't miss the "Jakuchu Room" corner, where the works of Jakuchu Ito, which has been very popular in recent years, are displayed, and the "Congratulations for the prosperity and peace of Reiwa" corner.

<< Here is the highlight !! >>
◎ The clay figurines of the Okada Museum of Art are all available!
A large collection of masterpieces including unpublished works from the Okada collection

◎ Pay attention to the point of appreciation = "pattern"!
Approach the thoughts of ancient people in their patterns

◎ A valuable opportunity to compare the best of Japan and China!
Exhibition corner unique to the Okada Museum of Art, which houses many Chinese art objects

The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present! "Women with women cups holding haniwa jars" Kofun period 5th-6th century Okada Museum of Art

The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present!
"Deep-pot pottery (fire-pottery)" Middle Jomon period 3000 BC-2000 BC Okada Museum of Art

The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present!
"Deep bowl type earthenware" Early Jomon period 5000 BC-3000 BC Okada Museum of Art

<< Exhibition composition >>
① "Jomon pottery, clay figurines"
Exhibit 15 pottery and clay figurines from the Jomon period, including the first public exhibition
② "haniwa"
A healing world of simple Haniwas
③ "Let's compare Japan and China"
Okada Museum of Art's first attempt to compare Jomon pottery and bronze ware
④ "Chinese ancient bronze ware, ceramics, swords"
Okada Museum of Art collection of ancient Chinese collection
⑤ First public release! Persian pottery
First release of 11 Persian pottery developed in the east-west exchange
⑥ "Ceramics loved by Japanese painters"
Haniwa drawn by Hoharu Yamaguchi and Yasuhiko Yasuda's former collection of musicIntroducing Maiko

The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present!
"Dogu" Late Jomon period 1000 BC-400 BC Okada Museum of Art

The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present!
Ito Jakuchu "Flower Rooster Figure" (part) Middle Edo period Mid-18th century Okada Museum of Art

The clay figurines and hanoi line up! Okada Museum of Art Exhibition Ticket Present!

DOKI earthenware! Bronze ware exhibition on clay figurines
-The ancient parade together with Niwa
[Date] October 5th (Sat) -March 29th, 2020 (Sun) 9: 00-17: 00 (Last admission 16:30)
[Venue] Okada Museum of Art
[Closed days] December 31 (Tue), January 1 (Wed)
[Fee] ¥ 2,800 for general / university students, ¥ 1,800 for elementary, middle and high school students
[Organizer] Okada Museum of Art
[Inquiry] 0460-87-3931 (Okada Museum of Art)

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The Fun of Dogu and Haniwa
[Date and time] Saturday, March 14, 2020 13: 00-14: 30
[Venue] Okada Museum of Art 5F Hall
[Lecturer] Tadashi Kobayashi (Director, Okada Museum of Art)
[Capacity] 80 people
[Participation fee] Free (Admission required)

● How to apply ●
Please let us know your name, number of people, and contact information by phone (0460-87-3931). Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

[Gallery Talk]
◎ Gallery talk by Director Kobayashi
[Date and time]
Thursday, October 17, 2019, Thursday, November 7, Thursday, December 21, Thursday, December 5, Thursday, December 19
January 3 (Fri), 15th (Wed), February 6 (Thurs), 20th (Thurs), March 5 (Thurs), 19th (Thurs) 13:30 ~
[Participation fee] Free (Admission required)

◎ Gallery talk by curators
[Date and time] Held every Friday from October 18th (Fri) to March 20th, 2020 (Friday, public holiday) 11:00 on each day
[Participation fee] Free (Admission required)

● Application is unnecessary for both ●


The application for gifts has been completed. Thank you for many applications.

[Summary of present application]
Tickets for viewing the "DOKI Earthenware! Bronze Ware in a clay figurine-The ancient parade together with honey" held at the Okada Museum of Art (until March 29, 2020) (general / university students: ¥ 2,800 per person) Will be presented to 5 groups of 10 people.

【Application method】
If you would like to receive a viewing ticket as a gift, please apply from the application form below. We look forward to your application.

[Application deadline] Until Sunday, January 5, 2020 24:00

[Lottery / Winning announcement]
Winners will be announced when tickets are shipped. (A ticket will be mailed from the Kanagawa Prefectural Culture Division.)
* If the ticket cannot be delivered because the address of the winner is unknown, the winner will be invalidated.
* We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than lottery.

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The Okada Museum of Art was opened in October 2013 in Hakone and Kowakidani. On the 5th floor, with an exhibition area of approximately 5,000 m2, the largest indoor exhibition area in Hakone is the vast hall, where approximately 450 works of art such as Japanese and oriental porcelain and paintings are constantly displayed. The museum was conceived with the desire to protect the art that has been passed down in Japan, share the joy of meeting beauty, and pass it on to the next generation. The front of the museum is decorated with a modern mural painter, Etaro Fukui, with a 12 m long and 30 m wide mural painting of the wind god Raijin "Kaze Toki" (2013). After viewing, you can enjoy a footbath cafe with a 100% free-flowing source and a walk in the garden.

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